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Amazing Alternatives to Working

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Amazing Alternatives to Working

1. Watching “Frozen” and belting out the words to all the songs.

2. Post-easter candy. Hey, someone has to empty all these plastic eggs!

3. A Britney Spears dance party.

4. Making more coffee. Because one full pot just isn’t enough when you’ll be avoiding anything productive.

5. Baking cookies and pretending to have your own show on Food Network.

6. Eating those cookies you just baked, hot and gooey from the oven.

7. Burning your mouth and mumbling cuss words so the kids don’t hear you.

8. Looking for a new job. You have a job already, but the idea “something better” (like a paid-for nanny and maid) is too appealing

9. Skype.

10. Pinterest.

11. Pinterest fail blogs.

12. Finally watching the dumb videos your husband keeps emailing and texting to you

13. Laundry… but before you do it, you add it to your to-do list just so you can cross something off

14. Rolling around on the floor with your dogs (or cats, whatever you have will work)

15. Making a list of 15 amazing alternatives to working.

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