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A Shopping Checklist for All Soon-to-be New Parents

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A Shopping Checklist for all soon-to-be new parentsThere’s a whole lot of stuff to get done when you’re preparing for a new arrival to the family, ranging from relatively straightforward things like choosing a name to more complex issues like deciding whether or not to move locations so as to have the best and most well-settled environment in place for your child when they come along.

Of course, there’s also plenty of shopping that needs to get done before the baby arrives, and at times it can be pretty difficult to keep track of everything that needs to be kept track of.

So, to help you keep on top of things, here’s a  checklist of all the different things you should remember to buy before it’s time to bring your new bundle of joy home.

A baby car seat

A baby car seat may not be the first thing that pops into your head when you’re thinking about new baby essentials, but the simple fact is that you’ll need one from day one onward, and if you haven’t picked one up in time, you’ll have to scramble to make some quick plans before taking your baby out anywhere.

What’s more, baby car seats can be pretty complicated, with many different varieties, available at many different price points, all available. Researching baby seat reviews from a website such as is a good start in finding out just what seat will work best for you.

Babies are especially vulnerable, cars are especially dangerous, and transport is all but completely car-based in the developed 21st Century world. A baby car seat is simply essential, whether you’re planning on taking your baby out to the park, or just for a checkup at the doctor’s office.

First aid supplies

Many homes don’t keep adequate first aid or health supplies, least of all the sorts of medical supplies which might be needed by a newborn baby if anything were to go wrong, ranging from a minor accident to a sudden cold or bout of colic.

Babies can’t communicate in the same kind of way that adults can, and so identifying their health concerns is entirely your job as a parent. If you notice that your baby seems to be distressed or ill in any way, it might be very difficult if not impossible to rush out of the house and find an open pharmacy or make a doctor’s appointment for any non-emergency issues, depending on when the symptoms first appear.

Having a supply of safely locked-away baby-friendly medication, herbal remedies bandaids, and so on, is critically important and can make the difference in keeping your child calm and safe until they either recover or can be taken to see a medical professional.

A good travel bag

Taking a baby out into the wide world is nowhere near as simple as just loading them into the stroller and running off on adventures.

Babies, especially newborn ones, need a lot of attention and help at all times day and night, including when out and about around the town.

A good baby travel bag, with room for essential supplies ranging from nappies to food (either formula or pumped breast milk) and first aid equipment is a must-have and can make all the difference in being able to enjoy a day out without having to panic that something’s going to go wrong, or having to make spur-of-the-moment emergency plans to resolve a developing crisis.

Urbini Hummingbird Stroller Review

A stroller

A stroller is the baby equivalent of a Ferrari, people carrier, and jeep all rolled into one. In other words, it’s the essential all-terrain mode of transport for your beloved infant, unless you count body harness carrying bags.

A good stroller is essential for taking your baby out anywhere, and especially for longer trips when you, they, or both, would become tired or irritated if you were just carrying them around.

A good stroller allows a baby to sleep when they want to, be shielded from the glaring rays of the sun, keep a toy and blanket close, and be safe when traveling over sometimes different terrain.

Many different types of stroller exist, with some being especially tailored for rugged outdoor adventures, while others are specifically designed for portability. The choice is yours whether to buy different strollers for different occasions, but a good quality stroller itself is a must-have for your checklist.

Babyproofing supplies

The world is a pretty dangerous place, and babies are, unfortunately, quite notoriously fragile and accident-prone. While you may not be able to do too much about the hazards of the outside world — other than keeping a close eye on your child and keeping them out of danger — you can do plenty in order to make your home more baby friendly.

Babies are naturally inquisitive — they’re curious about everything around them, because they’re truly seeing the world for the first time, through new eyes. They’re also unaware of the various hazards that exist around them, and won’t be capable of properly understanding many of them for some years to come.

Add those two things together and you get a pretty dangerous combination, with babies crawling around the home and frequently reaching out to grab things which might be harmful to them.

Babyproofing supplies are a must-have, and include, at a basic level; a play-pen which can be set up to corral your baby in one area when needed, baby-proof fences to keep them away from staircases, kitchens and so on, baby cupboard locks to keep them from getting into cupboards or drawers which may contain hazardous materials, and a crib with good safety bars to prevent the baby from rolling out of bed in the night.

Feeding supplies

Your first reaction to seeing “feeding supplies” on the list may be to say “well, I’m breastfeeding, so no problem”. Wrong answer.

Even if you’re breastfeeding your baby, you will need various supplies in order to make sure that you can carry out the process reliably when you need to. At times you may be unable to breastfeed, and in those cases having a breast pump and feeding bottles allow you to still feed your child as and when they need to eat.

Other feeding supplies include things like bibs and, yes, formula if that’s something which you plan to use.

Never underestimate how often babies can be hungry, and how important it is to keep them well fed. The more feeding aids you gather, the easier your job at the end of the day.

Plenty of spare clothes

Baby clothes will need to be changed at a pretty incredibly regular pace, and so it’s important to have an adequate number of them on standby so that you don’t have to do the washing twice a day.

Outfits like onesies are great classics, because they allow the baby to be comfortable, while also being easy to put on and take off, and being relatively easy to wash.

Aim to have at least a week’s worth of “everyday outfits” for your baby by the time they arrive.



This one hardly needs to be on the list, as it tends to be one of the first things that all parents will think of when planning for a new baby.

Nonetheless, it’s worth remembering that babies aren’t all about tidying up and hard work. There’s also the wonder you feel as a parent of getting the privilege of bringing a new life into the world and raising them, the wonder the baby feels at experiencing everything for the first time, and the love you both share.

Welcome your child into the world with fun, safe toys from day one so that they know they’re in a loving, cosy, interesting environment.

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