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8 Great Ways to Explore America on a Budget

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The United States is filled with natural wonders, quirky small towns, and exciting cities that offer something for everyone. It also has a lot of expensive hotels and restaurants. You need a budget-friendly travel plan to see all the best bits without breaking the bank. Fortunately, plenty of affordable ways exist to check out America on a shoestring. Here are 5 great suggestions for exploring America on a budget – and still seeing the sights you won’t find anywhere else!

Invest in a car camper tent

If you want to see as much of the USA as possible, car camping is the best way. You can start by renting a car camper tent, and then using your car to drive to different parts of the country. This allows you to drive for days, exploring the towns, mountains, and deserts. If you can, take your time and don’t plan to cover too much ground in a single trip. This allows you to stop and explore at your own pace and take time driving through major cities. If you enjoy traveling this way, you can purchase your car camper tent from reputable companies such as

Travel by bus

If you’re traveling with a group and want to see as many sites as possible, you’re best off taking buses around the country. Not only is it cheap, but you also experience the country like a local. You can take overnight buses and see some of the most beautiful sunrises, or hop on during the day and see the world go by from the window of your seat. Many companies offer long-distance bus tickets, the most affordable being Greyhound. Alternatively, several companies are offering cheap tickets along popular routes. You can also use services like Megabus or BoltBus if you want to stick to a particular way. 

Utilize sleeper trains

Why not consider a sleeper train if you’d like to travel more luxuriously while keeping your costs down? You can explore the United States by train, taking scenic routes through the mountains and overlooking lakes and rivers. The best way to find trains that go to your desired destinations is to use one of the many online booking websites. You can save even more money if you book in advance or have a flexible schedule. If you time your trip correctly, some trains even offer free tickets or a small discount. If you’re traveling with friends, you can always book one of the larger cabins. If you’re traveling alone, you can save even more money by purchasing a smaller cabin. You can even find deals for a bed in a shared cabin!

Become part of the #vanlife movement

If you’re looking for a cheap way to travel, why not consider buying a van and living out of it for a while? The #vanlife movement has become increasingly popular over the last few years and is probably the cheapest way to travel worldwide. Investing in a van means avoiding paying for hotels and hostels and even saving on food. You’ll also be able to travel with a lot less stress. If you’re unsure where to start, you can find many helpful resources online. There are also lots of groups online where you can meet fellow vanlifers and make friends with people who’ve done it before.


If you want to save money on accommodation, why not couch surf? Numerous websites connect travelers with people who have a spare sofa. Not only is it a great way to meet locals and get insider tips for your travels, but staying with locals is usually free! This is a great way to meet like-minded travelers and discover the hidden gems of each city. You can use Couchsurf to find accommodations in significant cities or visit less accessible areas where it’s harder to find a host. Simply create a profile, and be sure to write an exciting introduction. People will want to meet you, and they’ll also be able to see that you’ve stayed at their place.

Use public transport to get around.

Consider public transport if you want to save money on transportation while traveling. You can use city buses to get around major cities or intercity buses to travel between them. There are also cheap trains and planes that you can use to travel between major destinations. This is a great way to get around the country, and you’ll often find that tickets are discounted if you buy them in advance. Planning your trip around discounted tickets saves you a lot of money. You can pre-book your tickets online to save time and money. Public transport is often overlooked by travelers looking for places to save money, but it’s an excellent option for exploring a new country without breaking the bank.

Stay in hostels or group accommodation.

If you want to save money on accommodation, you can always stay in hostels or group housing. Hostels are an excellent way for travelers to meet new people, and many have loads of activities in place to ensure everyone has a great time. Hostels don’t cost much money and are a great way to make friends while traveling. You can also look into group housing while you’re traveling. There are lots of groups online that let members stay with locals in exchange for their help. This is a great way to save money while also gaining an inside perspective into the lives of Americans. You can also look online for house-sitting opportunities. This is a great way to get free accommodation while helping people out at the same time.

Use public transport to get around.

You can always use public transport if you want to get around a city for cheap. You can always use local buses to get around major cities for a low price. Alternatively, you can use the subway, which is often more affordable than a taxi. If you’re traveling between cities, you can often find cheap trains. This is a great way to get around and save money simultaneously. You can also use rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft. These apps are often cheaper than taking taxis, and they’re more convenient as well. You can use public transportation to get around cities for a low price and have more freedom than using a traditional tour operator.