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5 Alternative Ideas for Holidays This Summer

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After the couple of years that everyone has had with lockdowns and global unrest, it’s time to look at the calendar and book some time off. But where to? If you find that you haven’t traveled much for the past few years or you’re just itching for new experiences, then you might be looking for a different kind of summer holiday. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to learn about 

1. Choose a scooter tour 

If you’ve never been on a scooter and toured around a beautiful landscape then it’s time to book your trip now! They’re a great way to see somewhere from a different perspective as you’re sat lower down in a vehicle that allows you to get up close and personal with whatever location you’re in. So, whether you choose to go on a Lancaster scooter tour or some other location, it’s a great alternative holiday idea. 

2. Explore somewhere from fiction 

If you’re finding it hard to choose somewhere unusual this summer, then why not look to literature or films for the answer? Maybe you loved Rebecca as a child, then why not travel to India to follow in her footsteps? Or if you’ve read Dracula then you might want to see what Romania’s Bran Castle actually looks like! There’s so much inspiration to be found in your bookshelf, so take a look through and make your choice. 

3. Try an activity holiday 

Some people are always biking or hiking around the world and it can feel like that type of holiday is reserved for the sporty types. Well, think again. Even if you’re not a keen sports person, you can still try an activity holiday. You may find that hiking across the mountainous region in Spain or France is the best holiday for you, as you can really experience the environment while enjoying the tastes of the region along the way. 

4. Go west

Ever dreamed of being a real live cowboy? There are real American ranch holidays that you can go on to explore the dramatic, mountainous terrain on horseback. This is a holiday for all abilities and is great for a family (although younger children wouldn’t be able to go horse riding). Great locations are Montana or Wyoming, or the estancias of Argentina. Whether you’re experienced or you’re just starting out, you can get involved in riding, helping with cattle work, and experiencing the cowboy life. 

5. Choose a holiday based on an event 

There are so many cultural events that take place each year. How many times have you seen something online or in a newspaper and wished you were there to experience it? Well, this year, try something different. You could head to Edinburgh to experience the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, or to Italy for the Carnival of Venice. By focusing your holiday on a specific event, so many decisions are made for you (location, time of year, activities), making the whole holiday easier. 

Hopefully, this article has provided you with some inspiration for choosing your next exciting holiday destination. Bon voyage!