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7 Tips for Making Your Child a Stronger Reader

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7 Tips for Making Your Child a Stronger Reader
As a parent, it can be tough to watch your child struggle as a reader. Although most children improve at their own pace there are things you can do to help make your child a stronger reader. Let’s dive into some of those tips.

Read together.

Although this seems like a basic concept, reading together is the one tool you have to help your child become a stronger reader. Even if your child is not ready to read independently, you can help them tremendously by reading together NOW.

Let your child choose a book.

Handing your child a “book” for them to read gets boring. Allow them to choose a book that they will enjoy reading.

Practice new site words every week.

When it comes to your child becoming a stronger reader, they need to learn new words. Practicing site words is one way to make this a reality. When children are introduced to new words, their reading vocabulary gets bigger.

Practice reading even when it hurts

Reading is one of those “things” in life that anyone can get better at with a little bit of practice. Although it may be a painful process, practice reading with your child even when it’s not the first thing either of you would rather be doing.

Don’t be afraid to challenge your child.

You don’t want to challenge your reader to a point that they are in tears. However, reading about Bob the Cat for the 100th time will only get them so far. Get them a new book where Bob the Cat goes on an adventure. Challenging your child during their reading will be rewarding for you both.

Be positive about reading.

It’s easy for everyone in the family to get discouraged when there’s a struggle in the reading department. Always, always, always be positive about reading. Whatever it takes, try to make the environment a positive one at home. If your child starts crying because of a hard word, take a break and come back later.

Set a long term goal.

Who doesn’t like a reward at the end of a long and exhausting process? If your child gets to a point where they are mastering their reading level, it’s time for a reward. Set long term goals and have an incentive attached to the end of those goals. Working towards a goal makes every step worth it!

What are some tips you have for making your child a stronger reader?