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6 Steps to Offering VA Services to Bloggers

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6 Steps to Offering VA Services to Bloggers

Becoming a virtual assistant to bloggers is a very lucrative business. Many bloggers have little time for the mundane tasks, and will gladly hire someone to complete them. If you have the know-how regarding the blogging world, then offering VA services may a great venture for you. I speak from experience – I’ve been blogging since 2008 and in 2014 I started offering VA services to bloggers because I get the stress and time constraints. Who knows blogging better than a fellow blogger?

Follow these five steps in order to begin offering your skills as a VA to bloggers!

1. Get a web presence.

A virtual assistant needs to have a space online where she can discuss her business. This would be where you send all potential clients, so they can review the services you offer, your experience, and all the business details – hours, payments/refunds, how to contact you, and more.

This doesn’t need to be a full, professionally designed website. If you already have a blog, add a page detailing what you offer as a VA. A free WordPress or Weebly blog can also suffice. If you can, splurge for a domain name that’s easy to remember for visitors that decide to hire you at a later date.

2. Open an email account for your VA business.

To stay organized, it’s a good idea to open a new email account for your VA services. This separates work from personal, and prevents things from being lost in a full inbox.

Make sure the email address is professional. For example, would you rather do business with or

3. Consider what services to offer.

In order to offer the best services, ask yourself two questions:
What am I good at?
What would bloggers want to pay me to do?

Assessing your skills allows you to provide services that you can complete in a timely manner. Since you have knowledge or experience in them, you will satisfy your clients and have them wanting to use you again and again!

It’s also important that you’re giving options that bloggers would actually want to buy. Social media management, content creation, photo editing, and email account management are all examples of popular VA services for bloggers.

4. Decide on payment terms.

In order to be in business, you must figure out how and when you will accept payments. Do you need full payment upfront before you begin working as a VA? For larger orders, you may want to accept a deposit, with the remainder of the payment coming once the work is done.

Most VAs use PayPal to accept payment. Also, consider if you will offer refunds – some VAs do and others do not, so it’s up to you!

5. Find clients!

Once you have your business online and the terms in place, you need to start looking for clients! If you know any bloggers, let them know about your VA services. Ask them to recommend you to others too – word of mouth is a great method for getting VA clients. After you’ve built up a short client list, ask them if you can use them as future references and keep track of their contact information.

There are several groups on Facebook for VAs to connect with bloggers as well. You can search Facebook for any that are Open or Closed as they will show up in search results, however you will need to be invited to Secret groups. Asking other bloggers for group recommendations can help you get into those groups marked as Secret. Don’t be spammy and pay close attention to the group rules. Add your information to any existing files the group administators have already created, and limit your promotional posts. Remember, you can search within groups, so your older posts (unless deleted) will be searchable!

6. Deliver your services professionally.

When you secure a client, be sure to complete the work in a professional manner. Respond to emails promptly, and deliver your services in the time frame you and the blogger agree on. If you are being paid hourly, keep track of the work you do and be honest with the time spent on the job. There are dozens of time tracking apps that are available for free. Paid versions often offer the ability to create invoices for you, but for simple minute-by-minute tracking, a free version will work just fine.