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3 Signs You Need Adult Braces

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When most people think about braces and other orthodontic work, kids and teenagers typically come to mind. But, that doesn’t need to be the case. One study has shown that over half of Americans are unhappy with their smile and feel insecure about their teeth. 

So, while you may not have considered it before, you may be an ideal candidate for adult braces. 

Not sure if that’s the right road for you to take? Let’s look at a few signs that adult braces are the right solution for your teeth. 

1. Your Teeth Have Become Crooked With Age

If you regularly visit a dentist and they perform X-rays, they should be able to give you a good idea of how your teeth will come in. Dentists are often the ones who will recommend orthodontic work to teenagers in order to get their teeth straight before adulthood. 

But, teeth can still shift and space apart, even if you’re well past your teenage years. 

One of the biggest signs that it’s time to get braces is your teeth becoming crooked. Even if you’re in your 30s, 40s, or 50s, adult braces can help to straighten out your teeth and improve your smile. 

Additionally, if you experienced an injury, your teeth might shift or become crooked. Adult braces can help in that situation, too. 

2. Your Teeth Affect Your Speech

As an adult, speaking with some kind of impediment can be embarrassing and may cause your self-confidence to waver. It can change the way you see yourself, and you might think less of yourself because of the way you talk. 

But, your speech issue might have to do with your teeth, and braces can help. If you struggle with pronunciation, especially, it could be your crooked teeth getting in the way of saying things the right way. When you correct your smile, you won’t have to worry about your teeth causing those speech problems. That can help you in everything from relationships to your career if you have a job that requires you to frequently speak to others. 

3. You Have Difficulty Eating

No one should let their bite or problems with their teeth affect them so much that it’s difficult to eat. Unfortunately, that can happen when you have a bite that is misaligned or teeth that aren’t straight. Pay attention to how you bite down on things and how you chew the next time you eat. Do you favor one side? Does it feel uncomfortable to chew a certain way? 

If so, clear braces might be the best option for you. It’s a great way for adults to experience the benefits of braces without having to go with traditional wires. 

No matter your age, you should never feel embarrassed or “too old” to work on your smile. If you’re concerned about any of the issues listed here, talk to your dentist or get a referral to an orthodontist for a consultation. Braces aren’t what they used to be, and with clear braces, many people won’t even realize you have them until you have a brilliant, beautiful, straight smile. 

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