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2 Post-Pandemic Careers That Could Change Your Life

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We all know it, we all feel it, and for some of us, it’s not even our choice anymore, but we think that everyone – could use a change—a change of pace, a change of career choice – a change of life.

The pandemic has revealed to so many of us just how much we hate our jobs. Some people even admit that losing their work, though challenging was the best thing that could have happened to them. Proving yet again that while we can’t always choose what happens to us, we can always choose our response. 

So if you’re thinking about a change, or you have to make a change, here are two post-Covid careers that you’ve probably never thought of (and how much money you could earn from them).


Ok, fair enough, so this one you probably have heard of, but what you more than likely don’t know is how much the pandemic has increased demand for English teachers both online and abroad. This is because, with the rise of working from home and video conferencing combined with the global swing towards supporting businesses directly for goods and services instead of retail outlets, the need for a global lingua franca has risen as well. This language, unsurprisingly, is English. 

You can teach children, high school students, university students, and even corporates for business English. 

Based on experience, qualifications, and location, you could earn anywhere from $1500 to $5000 per month.


You have probably never thought about working in construction unless you have worked or are working in construction. Still, for the most part, many of us (especially women) seem to think that the only acceptable careers in this field involve getting your hands dirty, where the truth is quite the opposite.

As the pandemic changed the way we work, it’s meant that so many offices are now empty or are being turned into mixed-use or diversified working and living spaces. So what that means is that there are now loads of opportunities in contracting, yes, but also in site supervision, safety control, and administration and office management on or off-site. If you’re thinking about a career or consultancy in safety or site supervision, you will need to be certified and qualified adequately, so it will require an upskill. Check out this AtHomePrep website to see what they have and how it applies to you.

Based on what you choose to do and at what level, you could earn anywhere from $57 000 to well over $100 000 per year.

Look, we know that this is the shortest version of the conversation, and a quick search online will reveal many more options that could surprise you. But we do hope that you’ve been inspired to think about where you’re at at the space in your life and that you feel even just a smidge more empowered to do something about it. 

If you’re a mom, you may need some other advice, so have a read at that post. 

No matter what you’re thinking of doing or what direction you’re going in, good luck out there.