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11 Reasons Why Labradors Make The Best Pets For Kids

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Labrador Retrievers are a great choice of pet for kids because they have many positive traits that make them the perfect companion. They’re loyal, friendly, and super intelligent. In this blog post we’ll talk about 11 reasons why Labradors make the best pets for kids!

#1. They Are Intelligent And Trainable

Labradors are one of the most intelligent dog breeds. They make great service and therapy dogs because they love to please their owners and can be trained to do almost anything! If you’re not sure about getting a pup, start training them now with some simple tricks like sit or shake hands; it’s never too early!

#2. They Love Children

Labradors are known for their friendliness, and this makes them great with children. They love to romp around in the backyard or go on a long walk with kids at their side! They make an excellent companion because they can be active when you want to play but also enjoy taking it easy while you binge-watch your shows. If you’re ever busy doing chores, just put a dog pad down and let them do their business; after all, what’s more relaxing than watching puppies snooze?! No matter how much energy your child has, there is nothing better than coming home from school to see that tail wagging as he waits by the door, ready for some fun! In fact, Labradors often get along so well with children that they have been known to babysit from time to time!

#3. Love Maintenance Grooming

Labradors are generally low-maintenance dogs. They shed a moderate amount and only require an occasional bath to stay clean! This makes them perfect for families that don’t like washing their dog several times per week or taking the pup into the groomer every month. If your kids want to get involved with grooming, there’s no better way than by giving a daily brushing ritual; it will teach them responsibility while they bond with their new furry friend!

#4. They Are Adventurous and Playful

If your kids love going on adventures, then a Labrador is just the pup for you! They are super active and always up to do something, so they will easily keep pace with any child. Their energy makes them great outside dogs because they can run around in the backyard or go for a hike without tiring out within minutes as some other breeds might. This also means that Labs make excellent jogging buddies or workout partners; it’s been said that owning one of these pups could inspire an entirely new fitness routine all together! In addition, their playful spirit helps build confidence as well as self-esteem in children by teaching them about patience and responsibility while getting them outdoors every day. 

#5. They Are Generally Healthy

Labradors are generally healthy dogs that require little veterinary care. The biggest health concern for Labs is obesity because they love to eat! They can easily put on a few extra pounds if you’re not careful, so be sure to feed them the right amount of food every day and take them out for an hour’s walk each morning before work or school. This will keep your pup at his ideal weight while giving him some much-needed exercise; it’s good for both your dog and wallet in the long run! If there ever comes a time when you need to make a trip to the vet, don’t worry about coming home with high medical bills. Most likely, he’ll just get poked with needles once or twice then sent back home after everything has been said and done.

#6. They Are Not Fussy Eaters

Labradors love food and they’ll eat just about anything. This makes them great for families on a budget because you can feed them table scraps or leftover pasta from last night’s dinner without worrying that your dog will turn up his nose at the meal! They also don’t need to be fed more than once per day. If you’re ever worried about the dog eating something toxic like chocolate, don’t worry about it too much because he can’t eat very much before it makes him sick, which gives you plenty of time to whisk away the forbidden food and keep your pup safe.

#7. They Are The Perfect Size For Children

Labradors are medium-sized dogs that don’t require a huge backyard to run around in or an expensive fence because they can be trusted not to escape. Their size makes them great for families with limited space and very young children who might struggle to control a larger breed; it’s much easier for everyone involved when the dog is roughly the same height as their human companions! They also weigh anywhere from about 40 lbs (20 kg) up to 80 lbs (36 kg), making them easy enough for kids of all ages and sizes to pick up and carry if needed, so no matter how big your family gets, you’ll always have someone strong enough lift Fido into the car or help him walk down those stairs after jumping off the couch one too many times.

#8. They Are Not Barkers

Labradors are excellent watchdogs; they will bark when strangers come to the door or if there’s a noise outside, but this is generally all they do. They won’t keep barking and annoying everyone like other breeds might, which means you can get away with only having one dog instead of two! This also makes your Lab much more pleasant for people who live in close proximity because their barks aren’t ear-piercing enough to wake someone up from a deep sleep at night or prevent them from enjoying a quiet afternoon nap on the couch. In addition, even though it may sound strange, Labs have been known to be very good guard dogs when trained properly, not just against intruders but family members as well – so don’t let those soft brown eyes fool you into thinking they’re all sweetness and light!

#9. They Are Weather Tolerant

Labradors are not like other dogs that need to be locked inside or forced into the backyard when it starts raining because they love nothing more than playing in the rain. If you want your Lab outside romping around for hours on end during a thunderstorm, he’ll probably fight you every step of the way back indoors; this means no matter what time of year it is, there won’t be any whining at the door begging to come in unless he’s actually injured and needs immediate medical attention. This also makes them great hunting dogs as well – their thick coats protect them from even the coldest winter weather, so if you have an area where waterfowl can sometimes be difficult to spot but still manage to fly overhead, then having a dog help you to sniff them out is invaluable.

#10. They Are Affordable

Labrador puppies are generally very affordable to purchase, especially when compared with other breeds. Click here for more information about the costs of getting a Labrador. Whatever you spend on your pup today will be nothing compared to how much money he’s worth later in life. Labs don’t require as many trips to the vet for expensive procedures like heartworm treatment or surgery. They’re also full-grown around the age of two, so you won’t be spending thousands of dollars on a puppy that grows into an adult overnight.  And they’re very easy to housebreak, which means you won’t be spending hundreds of dollars on pads or training your pup how to use the bathroom outside.

#11. They Are Good Around Other Dogs

Labradors are generally very good around other dogs because they’ve been bred to be so friendly and tolerant of their own species. This makes them great for families with multiple pets as well as those who might have a dog already living in the home; if you’re looking to adopt another furry companion, then adopting or purchasing two puppies from the same litter is your best bet! In addition, this also means that Labs make fantastic companions for people who live out on farms where there’s always an outside chance of running across a stray cow or horse, which could pose a problem. Just imagine having a Lab by your side – not only would he help protect both himself and you, but he’d probably even try befriending any animal big enough to eat him whole!

Labs make fantastic pets for children and adults alike, but their most memorable gifts are the ones they give to other animals. If you want a dog who loves everyone, will love you no matter how much money you spend on them, and who can protect your family then look into buying a Labrador!