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10 Uses for Altoids Tins

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10 uses for Altoids tins
Altoids are a great way to keep your breath fresh, but don’t toss those tins once they are empty! Take a look below at 10 uses for Altoids tins so you can put those tins to use long after the mints are gone. You will find that Altoids tins can be quite purposeful and practical; you just need to get a little creative. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1.Hold hair accessories.
Altoids tins are perfect for holding bobby pins, small hair pins and clips, and even hair ribbons and pony tail holders. Tuck these items into your tin and store in your purse or car so you always have them on hand.

2. Travel with gels and creams.
If you have a cream or gel you want to travel with but don’t want to take the whole bottle, put a few dabs in the tin and close it tight. These tins can safely hold a generous amount of hair gel and other thick mixtures so you can take them on the go.

3. Make a mini craft kit.
Make a mini craft kit for kids when you fill the tin with stickers, mini pieces of scrap paper, mini pencils, stencils, or anything else that will fit. Kids will love carrying their mini craft kit around and exploring what’s inside.

4. Create a sewing kit.
Place some thread, needles, buttons, and a mini measuring tape in your Altoids tin. Toss it in your purse or car so you always have it in case of a clothing emergency.

5. Store change.
Keep loose change in one place when you keep it safely inside of an Altoids tin. No more digging for change at the bottom of your purse.

6. Hold business cards.
Altoids tins are perfect for holding business cards and other important memos and notes.

7. Keep office supplies organized.
Altoids tins are great for keeping staples, clips, and pins all in one place. Keep your office space more organized with the help of a few Altoids tins.

8. Make a mini first aid kit.
Keep band aids, some gauze, and some travel packets of antibiotic ointment in an Altoids tin so you always have some basic first aid on hand when you need it.

9. Store spices.
If you have loose spices in need of storage, an Altoids tin can handle the job for you. Just pour the spices in and close the tin up.

10. Keep jewelry safe.
Keep small earrings, necklaces, and pins safe when you use an Altoids tin to store them. This method is ideal to use when traveling as well.

See how practicle Altoids tins can be? Give these tips a try and see how easy it can be to reuse yours!