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Your First Employee: How You Can Help Them Fit In

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Having your first employee is a strange experience, especially when you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner. Most of us have never really imagined ourselves as being someone else’s boss. But here you are and now it’s your responsibility to take care of the fact they need to fit in with your business. Maybe you’ve gone past your first hiring and instead are forming a team, these following things will still apply. Exploring the aspects of what ‘fitting in’ actually means in a professional environment is very interesting. We know that mentally and emotionally, we have to welcome a new person into our company culture. Introducing them into the way you do things is going to be perhaps one of the more easier points. The difficulties arise when you’re trying to integrate them into your systems that allow you to run the business itself.

The onboarding phase
Maybe you have just hired a new employee during a project. So the challenge is to integrate them into the working dynamics and the systems that the project is currently using. This is called onboarding and it’s simply to bring someone new to work on the tasks at hand. It’s a transitional phase that has many bumps in the road but they can be made smoother with Cloud Based LMS Systems. You have a hold raft of choices, around 414 to be exact. Use the review system and industry types to pick the right one for your business. They’re used to create learning and training courses for employees. Explaining the systems you utilize, the processes you have in place and things like the chain of command and communication procedures are all things new employees need to learn. The LMS can have a test at the end of the course so you have a linear pathway to producing competent new employees.

The company culture

Usually when somebody new joins the team in a business, they will have someone to guide them for the first few weeks. Managers can do this role but it’s not wise to do this because new employees need micromanagement for a while and it’s not good for a middle-management employee to have this responsibility. Instead, you should nominate an employee that is just under the rank of manager, who can then show the employee around and tell them about the company culture. Every business has quirks and yours included. Therefore, show them how the reward system works such as gaining bonuses, how effective teamwork is calculated, what the various opportunities will be to move higher in roles and improving skills. 

Questions, questions

It’s important to allow your new employees to ask questions when they feel they are stuck or don’t understand something. Every employee around them should be willing to help them and explain things. However, if they are your first employee then you should be that person to them. 

For the first few weeks, you will be a new employee’s wing they can hide under. Using LMS is a great way to educate and test your new hirings, in order to bring them up to a competency level on your software tools.

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