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Why Is Dental Hygiene Important?

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Just like our general health care is important for a disease-free life dental health is as important That is why oral hygiene is very important for overall health as our mouth can transfer bad bacteria to the stomach and other organs. Oral hygiene is a set of habits which keep our teeth from decay and also protect us from oral infections. Oral hygiene is especially important for kids as their teeth are more sensitive than adults. That’s why there are special dentists for kids in some hospitals as it is very difficult to examine kids’ mouths. There are many reasons why oral health is so important and some are given below.

Affect on overall health

As we know, our mouth is the doorway to our internal organs and it also houses many glands. Harmful bacteria and germs can get into our blood system through food and air. Keeping our teeth clean is especially important because particles of food left inside the teeth cavities can cause bacteria to decay. That is why it’s recommended by doctors that every individual should get a total oral checkup at least twice a year to keep themselves away from diseases.

Earlier detection of diseases

By regularly following the oral hygiene routine one can lessen the chances of getting mouth disease. It is important to evaluate and examine dental health as early diagnosis can prevent teeth decay and many gum diseases. As we know tooth decay can only be prevented when treated at the early stages.

Teeth lose prevention

As teeth loss is one of the most common problems for children and adults. One of the most common reasons for teeth loss is cavities. It is essential to know that there is no solid treatment for tooth loss as after their decay they cannot grow back. Regular flossing, brushing your teeth and a monthly visit to the doctor can minimize the risk of tooth loss.

For perfect smile

It is widely acknowledged that a good smile with white and bright teeth can make or break one’s image. As good teeth are proof that the person is overall a neat person on the other hand yellow and plaque teeth do not give a good impression. Good teeth are also helpful in making one’s social standing better as yellow and plaque teeth are mostly associated with people who are chain smokers or drug users and white and clean teeth signify that person is an educated and professional human. keeping teeth clean can make you feel more confident as well.


It is very necessary to keep our oral hygiene in check as it can affect our bodily health as well as our social lives. It is not very difficult to take care of oral health as all it takes to ensure and maintain good oral health is daily brushing, flossing and limiting sugary foods. Sugar and smoking are one of the main culprits that affect our oral hygiene negatively in most cases as sugar can stick to the teeth and can cause cavities in teeth.