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Visit Heber Valley For Family Adventure

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This is a sponsored travel story, however all opinions and advice are my own.
A lot of the time when a family goes on a vacation, the parents are stressed and the kids are over-stimulated. All of this can lead to bad attitudes, crying, and not having a ton of fun. Traveling can be so much fun and full of adventure for families, but as parents, we have to help it along. There are so many ways to get your family excited and plan a trip that works for your energy level and areas of interest.

After you have selected your destination, it is time to start your research. You know what your family likes to do, what activities they enjoy, what they love to eat, so now you can use that information to form a plan.

Let’s start with where you’ll stay. 

I love my hotels to be roomy, with quiet hallways and heated indoor pools. Your family may not care for a pool, or a free breakfast, so you can rule out any options that just aren’t a hit for your group. Take the time to explore the lodging options at your destination. Browse the photo galleries, read the reviews, and get a real taste of where you could stay. It will help you fall in love and want to stay there and sleep in their beds.

Pay attention the obvious things like location, price, bed sizes, etc. Look for fun amenities like playgrounds, near parks, near shopping, free drinks for adults that might make your trip extra special.

Having three kids, if I find a hotel has it’s own outdoor play area or is near a park with one, I am sold. Sometimes you just need to stop sightseeing and just relax and let the kids burn off energy.

Another way to make your trip less stressful is to figure out where you’ll eat. Will you dine out for every meal or will you dine out some and cook in your hotel/condo/etc? I haven’t come across a restaurant yet that doesn’t have their menu available on their website. You can plan ahead for food allergies and picky eaters and make a list of “family approved” dining options.

If your family loves ice cream, find the local ice cream parlors and plan a special trip! If they love snacks, know ahead of time where a corner store, or convenience store is located so you can stock up. Little things can make such a big difference when traveling as a family.

Check out your destination’s visitor website. Like this one for Heber Valley,, and see how much information is provided! Lodging, dining, activities, local events can always be found and are vital to planning an adventure filled trip! Whether your family wants to check out the slopes or take in water sports, the Heber Valley website has everything you could possibly need to plan a vacation your family will remember.

Don’t be afraid to try new things either, this is an adventure you’re planning by the way! Try a new cuisine, try a new activity, step out of your comfort zone and have fun. Bring along the camera and take silly selfies as a family, even if it’s from the hotel room – it’s a memory you and your children will remember for years to come.

You know what my crazy activity would be? My “this is my one shot to do this” kind of thing? Hot air ballooning.

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