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This Pregnancy Is Flying By

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I can’t believe that we are sitting here at 27 weeks (picture above is one of those fun fruit/veggie comparisons of baby’s size right now). That means that if we schedule the c-section for 39 weeks, we now have just under 12 weeks to go. I swear we just found out. It feels like this morning that I took a test and saw the line. A pink second line that I didn’t believe was there but definitely was. Surprise!

I sit here and I watch the boys play… well, I watch B who is sitting on the sofa and Baby G who is trying to pull himself up to standing while holding a Hot Wheel car and I just can’t believe that THIS is where we are in life. I can’t believe that in 12 weeks we will be welcoming our daughter, our third sweet baby, into our lives. I can’t believe that she will have two protective older brothers, and a daddy and grandpa already calling her “Princess”. It helps ease the scariness of having two so close together. It’s obviously meant to be.

This pregnancy has been so boring too, it’s been easy to “forget” I’m pregnant. Little Miss definitely makes her presence known however with the powerful kicks and punches and all of the wiggling. *she says ‘hi!’ with a thump as I type away*

There is much to be done before her arrival. We have a three bedroom home, so I am converting Baby G’s closet into a closet for the two of them, so much organization needs to be done. Not much of his clothes will be in there, but I do need to make room for all of the outgrown clothes from B and the purchased-ahead-of-season clothing we’ve picked up for all three. We are also stocking up on diapers, so I need a place to stack those boxes and packages. I don’t have much as far as meals in the freezer, so I need to get on that while I have the energy and time. It feels like I’m going to be working up until we leave for the hospital.

Is it safe to say the countdown has begun?

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