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There’s Magic Waiting To Be Discovered In Miami

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If you’re looking for the ultimate space for sun, relaxation and adventure in America, it’s hard to think of a better location than Miami. If Vegas is America’s playground then Miami is its sunshine resort. There’s a reason why so many people choose to retire here. As well as being the perfect place to unwind and get a great tan on the beach, it’s jam packed with different activities and places to explore. Here are just some of the ideas you should consider if you’re booking a trip here. 

Gone Fishin’ 

There are lots of different exciting activities worth exploring if you are visiting Miami. However, one of the best options is certainly to head out fishing. Miami has some of the best waters for fishing in the world. To explore this activity, you can think about renting your own boat and taking to the water. Or, you might want to check out the best Miami fishing charter available. A guided tour like this will ensure that you hit the best spots and get the most out of your experience on the waters around Miami bay. 

Explore Science

Are you traveling with kids? If so, then you might want to add some educational moments into your trip schedule. The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science is perfect for this. It’s designed to be the ultimate learning experience but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to visit. As well as having two science galleries to explore as well as a planetarium, there’s also an aquarium with plenty of exotic fish for you to spot. This is a family friendly place and you should also head up to the sixth floor. This gives a wonderful view of Miami. 

Visit A Beautiful Botanical Garden

For a day of relaxation and tranquility, we recommend taking a trip to the Fairchild Tropical Botanic garden. It’s here that you will discover nearly 84 acres of beautiful scenery that is not to be missed. You can explore different flowers including rare species such as the petticoat palm. People often leave the Fairchild Botanical Garden with a new sense of serenity and peace. The best way to explore this garden is to take a tram tour. That way, you can guarantee you see all the key sights. 

Relax On The Beach

Miami has a range of wonderful beaches. However, if you want to make sure that you get the quintessential experience, then you should think about exploring South Beach. This beach is free and open to all which can’t be said for every beach in Miami. It’s easy to access and you can get there on foot without any issues at all. You might think that South Beach looks a tad familiar despite never having been there before. Well, there’s a reason for that. Every TV show and movie set in Miami has at least one scene shot here. We guarantee you’ve seen it on TV or on the silver screen at some point in your life. 

Go To A Delightful District 

If you want to spend an afternoon in Miami exploring different shops and sampling the local cuisine, we recommend heading to the Miami Design District. You’ll find plenty of different shops scattered around this location as well as niche boutiques that don’t exist anywhere else in the world. All the top brands are here including some luxurious choices from Rolex to Tiffany. When you’re ready to stop for a bite to eat, explore the Mia Market food hall for some delicious treats that you won’t want to miss. This is also a great spot for people watching. 

Take A Dip

Finally, no trip to Miami will be complete without exploring the Venetian Pool. This is easily one of the most beautiful public pools that the world can offer and that’s not hyperbole. It even has a natural waterfall that kids can play in although do be aware that children under three are not allowed. It’s usually quite busy so make sure that you show up early or call ahead to check if there are spaces. You’ll find this pool at Coral Gabels and it is worth the journey. 

We hope this helps you see that there are countless possibilities worth exploring if you are planning a trip to Miami sooner rather than later. Remember, if you’re heading out in the middle of summer you’ll be smack in the center of the tourist season. To avoid the crowds, you might want to explore the city a little closer to fall.