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The Moments When I Realized I Was Definitely A Mom

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The Moments When I Realized I Was Definitely A Mom

That first moment that I clearly remember, was when  my oldest was born and we were spending our first nights in the hospital post c-section. He needed a diaper change so I placed him ever-so-gently on my bed between my  legs and gathered the required materials. His tiny little toes, his cute little bum, ah it was just perfection. And then I undid his diaper, readied a wipe, and began to clean the cutest little bum…

and he pooped on my hand. And not just any poop… that first poop. The one they warn you about.

In the middle of the night, with my husband asleep on the God-awful “sofa” thing, our precious firstborn pooped on my hand. Yep, I was definitely a mom now. I had to yell for my husband to wake up and get me more wipes and to help. Why couldn’t it have been him?!

Another moment… and I’m sensing a theme here… again, involves poop. It involves that same child, years later, attempting to clean himself. He tried, oh he tried his best to do a good job… so I’m not sure HOW poop got on the toilet… on the floor… on the wall next to the toilet. All while we had guests over. I could have died.

Okay… so apparently poop = mom because there’s yet ANOTHER poop story, this one a bit more tame.

Haley has mastered the skill of taking off her diaper and running around bare-bottomed. The other day she decided that her dirty diaper needed to come off, so she took it off and I only knew when I glanced over and saw that cute little tushie in all it’s glory. Oh crap, where was the diaper?! The panicky feeling, the running around trying to find a dirty diaper, and thinking “Don’t let Gavin get to it, he’ll probably grab it and throw it!”. We found it, well, Haley did. She gently picked it up, held it out and said “I poo!”

Yes baby girl, you sure did.

Side note: she isn’t too interested in the potty, only telling us after she’s gone, but we’re getting there!

Other moments of full on mom?

Watching “Tangled” long after the kids have gone to bed and your husband finally laughing and saying, “We can watch something else you know.”

Using my sleeve as a tissue in an emergency.

Turning on the “Frozen” soundtrack just so they don’t throw a fit in the car (and then knowing all of the words and singing along)

Giving up your own snack because they give you “the look” and you can’t resist

What about you?


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