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The LEGO Americana Roadshow Gets Two Thumbs Up

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LEGO Americana White House replica
Last week, we took a little trip down to Cincinnati to check out the LEGO Americana Roadshow stop at the Kenwood Towne Centre. We didn’t tell the kids because a surprise is always more fun – and honestly, if I told them we were going to a shopping mall, I would have never heard the end of the groaning! So we loaded up and hit the road!

If you are a homeschooling family, this roadshow is a fantastic addition to your learning! Each replica has signage with important information about the landmark – important people, dates, and fun facts about the building of the replica (like how long it took!). You can grab a map at any of the replicas, and when you complete the fill-in quiz and stop at the LEGO store, you can get a free poster! Side note: little ones in stroller love having their own map, even if they aren’t answering questions.

LEGO Americana Roadshow exhibit
My favorite exhibits were the little displays of LEGO figures. I know, not the historical replicas that hours and hours of building went into, but the fun displays with dozens of figures in fun places. These were a fun break from the main replicas, but definitely not a break from the crowds! I can’t believe for a Wednesday afternoon how busy Kenwood Towne Centre can be! I guess I forgot it’s summer break and a lot of families are able, just like us, to sneak off for afternoons of fun!

LEGO Statue of Liberty
The LEGO Americana Roadshow is definitely a fun exhibit for families, and if it’s stopping near you, go check it out! It’s a completely FREE event so no damage to your wallet.

If you homeschool or are a teacher, be sure to visit and grab the free lesson plan!

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