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The Food and Drink at Cap Maison in Saint Lucia

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The food and drinks of Cap Maison in Saint Lucia

I have always wanted a vacation where I enjoyed good food and had drinks by the pool/ocean. In Saint Lucia, I did just that. In fact, I can still smell and taste the fish and chips we had at The Naked Fisherman. The freshest fish of my life, the crispy but tender coating, the hint of citrus. Every bite was delicious. I could have had that same dish every day and not gotten bored.

I thought it would be fun to give you a photo tour of some of the delicious food and drinks we enjoyed. Some of these were enjoyed at The Naked Fisherman, others at The Cliff at Cap, and others were room service. If you are planning to stay at Cap Maison, you have these meals and drinks (and more) to look forward to. We should have just taken a day to eat as much as we could!

I’ll start with some peeks at breakfast.

Breakfast at Cap Maison

Breakfast by the pool at Cap Maison

pancakes at Cap Maison

fresh fruit at Cap Maison

The fruit! I have to tell you about the fruit – so fresh! There is no doubt that those bananas, the mango, the pineapple, the cantaloupe all came from the island. We SAW bananas, pineapples, and mangoes being grown and harvested! That was the coolest, to actually see those fruits “in the wild” and to see the road-side stands selling the freshest fruits possible.

Now let’s take a look at some of the lunches and dinners we enjoyed. After the big breakfasts we would have, we would often have lunch late in the afternoon and dinner much later than we normally would at home.

Crab brioche with shoestring fries at The Naked Fisherman

Fish and chips at The Naked Fisherman

Mini Maison Burgers with Sweet Potato Fries at The Cliff at Cap

Creamed Clams with Squid Ink Linguini at The Cliff at Cap

Sushi at The Cliff at Cap

Here’s a look at some of the desserts we enjoyed. I did not get a picture of our first night’s meals because of it being dark already and a rain shower went through just before dessert!

Banana Tempura with vanilla ice cream at The Cliff at Cap

Chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream at The Cliff at Cap

And finally, the drinks. Oh the sweet daiquiris, mojitos, rum and cokes… the bartenders of Saint Lucia are amazing!

The Naked Fisherman cocktails

Lava Flow and Mai Tai at The Cliff at Cap

Mojito from The Naked Fisherman in Saint Lucia

Strawberry Daquiri from The Naked Fisherman in Saint Lucia

You can  learn more about The Naked Fisherman and The Cliff at Cap by clicking through. You can see more photos, browse the menu, and start planning your own food-lovers getaway!

A very special thank you to Cap Maison for hosting us for a three-night stay.

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