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The Best 5 Gifts For Your Foodie Co-Worker This Holiday Season

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Buying gifts for co-workers is not easy. If you aren’t particularly close to them then it is difficult to know what they value. Unless, of course, the coworker is a food lover. In this case, there are loads of appropriate gifts that they are sure to love. 

The trick with giving gifts in the corporate world is that it should be heartfelt and show appreciation while still being subtle and subdued. It would be inappropriate to give a big and expensive gift to somebody as it will have the opposite effect. When getting an over-the-top gift it makes the person feel uncomfortable since you aren’t friends or family. 

We’ll help you avoid that by finding the best gift that they will love so they understand they are appreciated. 

1 – Chocolate

A can’t miss gift for the foodie or non-foodie alike is in the form of chocolate. In fact, corporate holiday chocolate gifts are almost expected at this point. There are a lot of good chocolate gifts available for people with discerning tastes.

Look for gifts that feature high-quality chocolate and can have some added value. In other words, don’t just look for a good bar of chocolate. Although a good bar of chocolate would be nice, as a gift there should be something extra. 

Coating things with good chocolate like candied orange peel or dried figs is a good way to do something different and still have it be great for chocolate lovers. 

2 – Salts

Different types of salts are a very easy way to enhance a recipe without any extra effort. They make a wonderful gift for the person who enjoys cooking as many people don’t often think about buying different salts for themselves. 

Smoked salt is one idea that adds a depth of flavor to any dish as it replicates the smoking effect. It can be added to a roast of meat cooked in the oven to simulate a smoker, or sprinkled on top of popcorn to elevate a normally staid snack. 

Then there are flavored salts that incorporate herbs and spices to give recipes an added boost of flavor. Lastly, sea salts come in many different forms and are wonderful for finishing dishes. A few flakes over a piece of chocolate transform it completely. On fish, it brings out the sweetness while also bringing some minerals to the party. 

3 – Gadgets

Kitchen gadgets are a bit of a tricky gift since there is a risk of them sitting in a drawer never to be used. It has to be helpful and solve a common cooking problem. 

Only give a gadget when you understand the cooking habits of that person. For instance, if you know they like to cook Mexican food, then a tortilla warmer basket will be appreciated and they probably don’t already have one. 

A microwavable egg poacher made out of terra cotta is something ideal for the egg lover in your office. 

Avoid mono-use tools like a garlic peeler or old-fashioned butter churner. Anything that takes effort to use is likely going to get used once and then put away. And something common to many gadgets is the fact that they are often difficult to clean. That should be avoided as the gift should be pleasant and easy to use. 

4 – Grill accompaniments

People who love to grill tend to settle into routines or habits since they like to stick with what works. However, most are willing to try something new when presented with the opportunity. 

Grilling accompaniments is a good way to jazz things up a bit. For instance, smoking is a discipline many don’t have time for. But a smoking basket in which you place wood chips will give anything grilled an extra bit of smoked flavor without needing a dedicated smoker. 

Cedarwood planks are also an easy way to add extra flavor without any effort. Since they are single-use only many grillers give them a miss. As a gift, they will always be used and may open up a newfound preference. 

5 – Flavored oils

Another way to add a boost of flavor to a dish is by using flavored oils. They are often used by chefs but not many home cooks. The one thing to be careful of is that oil can go rancid. Make sure that the flavors are going to go over well with your colleague so they don’t sit on a shelf for too long. 

Some popular ones are lemon oil, rosemary oil and basil oil. These are great for salads and for finishing roasted vegetables or meat.