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Streamline Communications With Your Customers?

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Website comment box, forums, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, emails, and phone calls. Phew, it is a lot to keep track of. Your customers are everywhere, and you have to meet them all there. 

It can feel messy and like you spend all of your time trying to catch up and engage with potential customers and current customers and crack new markets. 

Streamlining is one of the most important things that you can do to free up time and get to work in your business rather than picking up the slack on admin and communications. 

So how can you streamline your customer communications? And why should you? 

Why should you streamline your communication?

If you have too many points of interaction, some customers will likely fall through the cracks. Although email is often used, some clients find it faster to call; others might use Whatsapp. 

At the same time, if you are running a product business and are very social, those customers will find Instagram quicker. Streamlining will reduce the number of places you can expect engagement. 


What if you could take the 12 platforms and combine the people into one place? A group messaging app can help you keep all of the communications that matter in one place. You can use it as the fastest place for people to get in touch with issues or as a pod for your customers to remain highly engaged. 

Communications plan

The bigger your company grows, the more likely it is that you will find it challenging to keep track of everything. A communications plan will keep you on track and stop wasting time. 

Suppose you don’t have masses of communication via social media, and instead, you are struggling with needier than average clients. In that case, a plan issued at the start of the relationship will give them clarity and set expectations early. 

Set at least an hour aside each day to clarify how and when you should be responding to all customer communications. Alternatively, you can outsource your customer care, which can be more beneficial in the long run.


There are many different platforms that you need to keep track of; luckily, there are many different options for a single tool to have them in. 

If you don’t need to manage internal communications, it is much easier to choose a platform. 

Here are some options that help people streamline their customer communications, although they are social media-focused. 


As a business owner, if you are a single person running the show, it will be impossible to keep up. It can often be smarter to consider which platforms work for you and which don’t. Culling those excess ones can dramatically reduce the time you need. 

The communication you have with your customers and clients is one of the most important things you can improve in your business. How you choose to do it is up to you, but it can be incredibly beneficial. 

Streamlining communications is one of the things you can do while scaling and ahead of growth; here are some others: How to Scale Your Business and Become a Trailblazer in Your Industry