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Spring Is For Outdoors Activities — 5 Ideas

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Spring has been with us for a little over a month now, and it’s been gorgeous. Spring is a season that naturally puts a smile on people’s faces. It’s warm and sunny after the long winter. But, unlike summer, which tends to be far too hot, spring is comfortable. You can enjoy an afternoon outside without worrying about heatstrokes or getting dehydrated from excessive sweating. 

Besides, as nature wakes up, blooms and fresh leaves add colors to the landscape. It is impossible not to fall in love with the sight of butterflies and the songs of birds singing. So, most people don’t need a lot of convincing to go outside and enjoy the warm weather. After all, vitamin D is good for your health too, so you need plenty of direct sunlight. 

Exercising outdoor is one of the pleasures of spring. Indeed, we all understand the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle. But outdoor training has huge health benefits you couldn’t get in a gym studio. First of all, the presence of nature combined with physical activities can significantly reduce stress levels. Additionally, it helps regulate circadian cycles, which means you can improve sleep quality. Finally, you can spend quality time together with your loved ones while being physically active! 

So, if you are looking for great ideas to get sporty this spring with your family, we’ve compiled a few to get you started. Before diving into the list, though, a brief reminder that even though the spring sun is not as hot as the summer sun, you will still need to wear sunscreen protection to prevent sunburns. Stay healthy in the sun! 

Plan a hiking trip

If you live in the vicinity of a gorgeous natural park or preserve, it is the perfect opportunity to plan a day out with the family. More often than not, you will find plenty of family-friendly trails that are suitable for small children too. 

Walking is a great activity for families, as you can adjust your pace to suit younger or older members. If you have a pet, it’s a fantastic adventure for them too, especially if you find a trail that is safe for their paws — without sharp rocks as you may need to buy protective shoes for your pet. 

The ideal hiking trip will depend on your fitness level and the age of all participants. Young children and seniors may not be confident walking for several hours. But it can be a nice day out with a casual walk in nature and a break for an improvised picnic with snacks and sandwiches! 

Get competitive with ball or bag games

How old are your children? Children are always up for a game, so if they are old enough to aim and throw at a target, you could play team games with them. The typical basketball game can require a lot of preparation if you don’t have access to an outdoor court, such as fixing a hoop in the garden. 

So, if you need to opt for a park or a portable garden game, it can be a good idea to pick something simple and light, such as a cornhole game. Did you know you could get a custom set for your family day out? It’s worth considering the investment if you are an enthusiastic player — see more here for the perfect cornhole design! These games are best suited for children aged 8 and over. They are fantastic with teens who are a fair match in strength and coordination compared to adults! 

Did someone say inflatable bounce house?

Nobody is ever too old to play on a bounce house! Some companies offer bounce equipment for hire. However, you will need plenty of space in your backyard to throw a bounce house party. 

So, instead, it can be a fun idea to consider a bounce party in your town. If you haven’t heard of the Big Bounce America, it’s a touring inflatable event that travels through the US. The event will be in Columbus, Ohio, this summer. It is currently touring in California before heading to New York and Indiana. So, it’s worth checking their schedule to book a bouncy afternoon for your family!

Let’s go cycling together

If your children are confident cyclists, it can be a great idea to pack some drinks and snacks and pick a cycling trail in the local area. Cycling is an amazing activity that is gentle on your joints but keeps the blood pumping, making it safe even for grandparents. A word of warning before planning your cycling outing: Make sure that everyone has a safety helmet. Also remember to pack some tools for emergency repair needs, such as a puncture or putting back the chain in place. 

You can typically find accessible cycling trails all around the country. Check the length of the trail, though, as some are only a few miles long while others spread through an entire state! Bike trails can also take you through exciting destinations, such as discovering a different side of the local park or even exploring American history. 

Explore the local rivers

Kayaking and canoeing are some of the most exciting activities if you live by a lake or a river. You can book lessons with a coach to make sure everyone understands how to paddle safely and change direction. You should also wear a life jacket and eventually a helmet, depending on your surroundings. It can be a fantastic idea to add a GoPro camera so you can capture moments of your adventure without risking damaging your smartphone or your camera!

If you have a fishing enthusiast in the family, you can even combine your canoe adventure with a fishing break. Make sure to pack a GPS tracker too, as it can be tricky to find your way on the water. Some trackers can also let you send a distress signal in case of an emergency. You may never need to use this function, but it’s best to be safe than sorry!

Are you ready to take your family on an outdoor adventure? There are plenty of fun and exciting options to stay active outdoors.