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Running To A New Career: Job Ideas For The Aerobic-Conscious

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While we all know that it’s crucial to be fit and healthy we could struggle to find the time to fit in gym sessions. They say that you should go to the gym at least twice a week but who realistically has the opportunity to do that? When you are a busy parent and you get to the point where you know you’ve got to do something about your fitness the answer might be somewhat leftfield: picking a career where you can keep fit. And although, not everybody is in the market to change careers, if you are someone who has children that are getting older and you’re looking to ease your way back into a job now might be the perfect opportunity to pick something that is going to keep you fit and healthy. What are the options?

Working In Construction

Yes, construction can be a dangerous career but these days it’s a well-regulated machine. There are so many lawyers who put your interests first if you were to have an injury (which is very unlikely by the way), but it’s also important to note that it pays really well! It may seem that there aren’t many women in the construction industry but the tide is slowly turning. If you are looking for a way to keep fit, there is nothing quite like lifting heavy equipment and walking around a building site for 8 hours a day!


Have you ever thought you could make a living as a children’s entertainer? If you are happy to give up your Saturdays and Sundays you could be in for a very lucrative career choice. But it’s also a fantastic way to keep fit and healthy, especially when you are running around for hours on end after the most energetic people in the world! You’ve got to be very high energy and cope with many children vying for your attention that it can be a particularly exhausting job. As a way to get in a good aerobic workout, nothing comes close! But you already knew this!

Teaching A Fitness Class

If you’re looking to get a qualification, a fitness class can be a good opportunity for you to control your earnings. Running a fitness class is a self-employed position where you can pick and choose the hours that suit your life. Naturally, the more you do the more you will earn but running a fitness class is something that you may have to build up to if you don’t already have a decent base level of fitness.


Arguably the most leftfield choice of all. If you’ve seen how many steps the average person takes in retail on any given day you can achieve a mild level of cardiovascular fitness pretty quickly. But if you want to add more to it you can start to lift heavy boxes and challenge yourself. The fact of the matter is that working in retail means that you are on your feet all day every day! You seldom get the opportunity to rest.

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