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Quit The Gym and Do This Instead!

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Quit The Gym and Do This Instead

This is a collaborative post, we hope you enjoy!

Been meaning to quit the gym for months? Or have you recently quit, and have been a bit of a loss as to what to do with yourself? Well, there are a number of alternatives! All of the following pointers are great alternatives to a gym membership. Each will keep your mind sharp and your body in shape. From making better use of empty or poorly-used rooms in your house to a different way of getting to work. There is even a more effective way to walk your dog! Read on…

Turn your unloved spare room into a handy home gym

Consider your home for a second. Do you have a basement stacked with empty boxes? Do you have an attic begging to be renovated? Do you have a garden shed that has more space in it that it does actual garden tools? Or, finally, is there a room in the main part of the house that isn’t being put to the best use? This might be a spare bedroom, for example.

Find the most unloved spare room in your house, and then go about turning it into a home gym. The cost doesn’t have to be too prohibitive if you build up your equipment gradually over a period of time. You can even use the money you’ve saved on quitting your gym and membership! Exercise equipment like spin bikes and treadmills are a great place to start. This is because you will always use equipment like this. Weight lifting equipment will also always come in useful. These things mean that you can always balance your cardio with your anaerobic training. Setting up an area to work on your core is always easy enough. Just stream some YouTube instructional videos for Pilates and/or Yoga. You’ll just need some space to stretch your arms and legs in all directions. A wall mirror could come in useful also, but this is not a necessity.

Stop commuting via car and start community by cycling!

By commuting to work via car, or public transport, you are wasting a fantastic opportunity to get fit. In this period of time, you could be putting your body to much more beneficial use. Exercising at the start of the day is especially wise. This is because you pump your body with energy to allow you to tackle the rest of the day! Likewise, sometimes exercise after work can boost you on to be able to enjoy your evening without tiredness. So, leave the car at home and dig out your old pushbike. This way you can get multiple benefits. You can get your days exercise, skip the traffic queues and get to work, and boost your energy levels. And all before that 9 am meeting! If you don’t fancy cycling, how about rollerblading, walking or even running? As long as your place of work have showers, why not!

Run the dog, don’t walk the dog (or hire a walker!)

Do you have a pet dog or another animal that needs taking for daily walks? Well, don’t just stop going to the gym, stop hiring a dog walker! Doing so only gives you an excuse to not go and get your exercise that way. Take on the responsibility of walking your dog yourself and you’ll do it far more often. On the topic of walking, how about you skip that part too. Take your dog for a run instead! Running with your dog is great because you can kill two birds with one stone (not literally, we hope!) You can take your pet for your exercise and take yourself for your own exercise! Plus you get to save the money you would have paid a professional dog walker. Bonus!


Join a fitness class that you look forward to and enjoy

Gyms aren’t the only places where you can do fitness classes. In fact, there are likely to be even more in your local area than you realized. Not only might they be closer, but they might also be cheaper to attend than at your gym. This could mean lower costs on both your travel, your parking and your admittance. You can do all sorts of different classes than are less hardcore than gym spinning classes or similar. There is also a great selection of dance-based classes, like Zumba. These style of classes are great because they are made to be so fun that you don’t even realize you are exercising. Plus, of course, they double up as a great place to meet new and like-minded people! Go with a family member and get fit together!