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Protecting The Whole Family While They’re Online

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This is a sponsored conversation by Trend Micro.

If I’ve learned anything from having the kids home so much over the past year and a half, it’s that they have access to so much information (good and bad) when they are online. With so many working from home and even attending school from home, it’s important that we not only monitor what they can access and when, but also protect our devices from attacks and viruses. If you work from home you’ve probably seen what happens when our device doesn’t work properly – it causes chaos! That’s why we have to protect ourselves and our gear. 

There’s plenty of ways to monitor what they have access to, but nothing really compares to Trend Micro’s Home Network Security device we’ve added to our lineup of tech gear. 

With Home Network Security, not only is the incoming and outgoing traffic monitored for inappropriate websites and vulnerabilities, we can also set time limits and block access to websites and apps. No more sneaking onto YouTube when they should be studying, or browsing Pinterest when they should be writing a paper. 

It’s not just for kids though, because we all know at least one adult who needs a time limit when it comes to social media, or gets click-happy and accidentally gets a virus on their computer. It happens to all of us! The Trend Micro Home Network Security device can also protect against viruses, hackers, and provide firewall protection. It keeps the entire family safe with just one device, and you can monitor everything from the app. 

The setup is not difficult – you connect the device to your own wi-fi router with an Ethernet cable. You’ll have to make sure the devices you want protected are connected to wi-fi, but what device ISN’T connected? This is what we call “plug and play”, meaning there’s no complicated installation or set-up process, so anyone can handle this. 

If you are interested in getting your own Home Network Security device, you can go HERE and be sure to use the code MANDI20 to score $20 off! Share that with your friends, too! Be sure to check out the app, which is available in the App Store and Google Play. 

With the app you have tons of control right in your pocket. You can approve new devices to connect to your network, you can disconnect the Internet for any unknown or unwanted devices, and even set up certain rules for specific family members! Talk about a great way to manage everyone individually and not have to just have blanket controls. Give a little, take a little whenever you need!

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