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Out For A Run? Watch Out For Hidden Dangers

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They say that running outside is better than being on a treadmill. In all purposes, this is true. For many reasons, running outside is indeed healthier. The main reasons are that you get fresh air, so your muscles don’t feel as fatigued. You can also get a better workout because the changes in gradient on the pavement and roads vary much more than a flat surface. You can also lean on things such as well and lamp posts to help you stretch or just catch your breath. You can slow down when you want to and not be thrown off like you would on a treadmill. However there are some things you should avoid when you’re out for a run. These hidden dangers are something modern runners need to get used to so they do less harm to themselves on a daily basis.

Earphones and music

When you’re running outside, you’re in more than one kind of danger. People who put earphones in and blast their music are not doing themselves any favors in this regard. There’s no way to properly hear a car coming from behind you. You’re also not able to hear any pedestrians coming up from behind you on a bicycle. The other issue is you won’t be able to hear someone coming up from behind you on foot, and they could try to harm you such as mugging you for your belongings. It’s better to just wear one earphone instead of two but better year don’t wear them at all. If you’re on the treadmill you’re in a safer environment which is where earphones should be worn.

Watch those who don’t watch

As mentioned you’re on the public streets when you’re running outside. So even when you’re on the pavement you should be wary of cars around you. It’s wise to wear bright colors when you go running. If you’re running in low light conditions, then you should where some kind of high visibility clothing or buy a hi-vis strip to put on your clothing. High visibility armbands are not expensive in the least but they can be worn on any of your limbs. It’s not uncommon for runners to be hit by a car when they’re perfectly minding their own business. Personal injuries specialists such as Hadley Law Firm are regularly contacted by people who were out for a run and struck by a car that didn’t see them. Some injuries have left people without the ability to run and get fit for months. So don’t hesitate to call a legal expert for advice on what to do.

Locking of joints

When running outside you’re on uneven surfaces. You should try to avoid potholes and various cracks in the pavement. What can happen is that your foot goes further down that anticipated, which can cause your knees and other joints to lock under a lot of pressure. This causes pain and harm to your cartilage. 

Running outside is recommended over the gym on a treadmill. However just be cautious, where highly visible clothing, watch out for cars and avoid wearing earphones.

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