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Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Girls – ZURU Rainbocorns!

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I try really hard to shop early for presents. Every year I tell myself I’ll get started early, have the wrapping done early, and be able to just enjoy the days leading up to Christmas. It never happens, and I know I’m not alone in this! I’m still, a week out from Christmas, looking for some last-minute homerun gift ideas, so when ZURU Toys sent us some goodies, I knew we had to jump at testing them out so we could tell you if they were a buy now or not. Thank you to ZURU Toys for sending us products in exchange for our review.

I am here to say that ZURU Rainbocorns are a BUY NOW! Haley has had these on her wish list for a while and was definitely pleased after getting to open them!

Since my opinion as mom doesn’t matter too much other than to say the price is great, I thought I would share Haley’s thoughts with you!

Are they easy to open? Sometimes but sometimes you need help because you can’t get the plastic to tear. It’s fun though, you have to unwrap it and unwrap it and unwrap it and finally get to see inside.

Are they cute? YES! They are soft, smell good, and great colors.

Do you like the surprises inside? I love surprise toys where you don’t know everything that will be inside. It’s really fun to open all the things and have more toys for them.

Where do you plan to keep them in your room? I will keep them in my bed but their accessories and stuff will go in a special place so they don’t get lost.

Do you think other girls your age will like these? Yes!

What is your favorite part of a Rainbocorn? I LOVE the sweet surprise one because it had slime you could make! (note: Haley loves slime! If slime is a no-no in your house, the Sweet-Shake Surprise Rainbocorn may not be for you as it includes DIY slime) We can also record messages and it’s fun to hear it play it back to us, it makes me laugh.

She’s right, the Sweet-Shake Surprise is MY favorite too! This cute little guy has his own noises but when you press the button twice, it unlocks the ability to have it repeat whatever you say and it’s a riot! We were singing, laughing, making animal noises, even the boys wanted to try it out.

You can find ZURU Rainbocorns Sweet-Shake Surprise at Target, Walmart, and Amazon. Recommended for ages 3 and up and retailing right around $25-35, it’s a great last-minute Christmas present! There are 6 new characters and each one has it’s own sweet scent!

The other cutie is the ZURU Rainbocorns Wild Heart Surprise, available at Target, Walmart, and Amazon. There are 7 new characters and multiple surprises inside to uncover!

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