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I’m In The October 14th Issue of FIRST For Women Magazine!

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This happened Saturday. I kid you not, I speed-walked into Walmart and when I saw Dr. Oz’s face I knew it was a new issue. I sped up and went to the magazine section, took a few deep breaths and then went to the end of a checkout lane and picked up the magazine. Like magic, I turned almost instantly to page 97 and started to cry. I know, I’m a dork, but this is so cool! I’m featured in an article about working from home as a virtual assistant in the October 14th issue of FIRST For Women Magazine!

I grabbed a handful of magazines, ran to the self-checkout, then ran out to the van where my husband and kids were waiting. I probably looked crazy. I’m sure I did. I ended up buying 5 copies, and the magazine sent 2. Lucky #7!


I had the photo shoot in August and have been waiting quite impatiently to see the actual article. Thank you FIRST for Women for featuring me! I’m honored and thrilled. This whole experience has been a ton of the fun. I got to have my hair and makeup done and had a great time with the stylist and the photographer. 

Go check out the issue for yourself to read my work-from-home success story! I will be sharing some more about my journey, so if you have any questions for me, leave a comment!

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