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How To Move More Every Day

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It’s generally accepted that getting in 10,000 steps a day is good for optimal health. While that number has been debated, there’s no doubting that moving more is good for you. In today’s society, many of us have fallen into sedentary lifestyles and it can be difficult to get out of that rut. 

You may not have time for a structured exercise routine, but there are ways to get more movement into your everyday life. 

Record Your Movements

Before you begin, it’s a good idea to find out how much activity you are doing. There are many ways to do this. You can use a smart watch, activity tracker or a basic pedometer that attaches to your clothes. Some smart phones also record your steps, but you’ll need to keep it with you all day for the numbers to be accurate. 

Once you have a baseline of your activity, then you can see any progress you’re making. 

Move While You Work

Many of us have desk based roles, which mean sitting in front of a screen for long periods. It’s terrible for your health but you need to get your work done. Why not make it so that you work station is also set up for activity. For example, you could use a seated elliptical trainer under the desk, or invest in a desk with a built in exercise bike or treadmill. 


Studies have shown that people who are restless or fidget a lot move more during the day. Try never to be still and it will soon add up to more calories burned. 

Take The Stairs

When you’re at work or out and about, try not to take the elevator, take the stairs instead. Walk up escalators and just generally don’t take short cuts. 

Exercise While Doing Other Things

It can sometime be difficult to carve out time specifically for exercise. This is where multitasking comes in useful. Try doing certain exercises while you’re busy doing something else. 

You could try things like doing squats while washing the dishes, or watching TV while on an exercise bike instead of laying on the sofa. At work, ask people if they would do a walking meeting rather that sitting around a desk. 

Walk Your Dog

There are so many upsides to owning a dog. Pet owners are healthier and live longer. Walking your dog gets you outside, walking and into the fresh air. If you don’t have a dog, and don’t really have the lifestyle that could accommodate one, then why not offer to walk a friend or neighbours dog? 

Final Thoughts 

It’s very easy to fall into bad habits and a sedentary lifestyle. However, moving more benefits you in many different ways, both mentally and physically. Being so busy can often leave us with little time to exercise, so finding ways to incorporate this into every day life can be a huge benefit. 

Can you think of other ways to move during your every day life?