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How To Find The Right RV For Your Family

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One of the most loved family holidays is hitting the open road for some camping adventure. Time spent together as a family out in nature can be where lasting memories begin. There is so much to think about when you are looking to buy a camper for your family. What style should you get, what size will you need, and what will make your camping experience the most comfortable?

Campfires with s’mores, hitting the lake in a canoe and hiking through the spectacular wilderness are all the best parts of camping. But, there is something to be said for a high level of comfort. If you have always tent camped but are looking for a more convenient and cozier way to enjoy camping, then you might be considering a camping trailer or RV.

There are so many different options available from pop-up trailers to full bus-sized luxury motorhomes. When you start your search you should do all the necessary research to find the best match for you. You will want to consider things like how many people can it accommodate, can you use solar power to run your interior and does it have the best vent fans for your RV. Before you get too far, you will need to know the basics of what is out there and some questions that you should keep in mind when you first start your search.

Camper Styles

There are five main categories to choose from when you are shopping for the perfect RV for your family. Here are the features of each type:

Pop-Up Campers

  • Lightweight and compact option for families
  • Various sizes and layouts to easily accommodate up to 8 people
  • Affordable option
  • Compact firm-sided base with expanding tent space attached

Travel Trailers

  • Range anywhere from 10 – 30 ft in length
  • Attached via bumper hitch for easy towing
  • Can have pull-out sections in sides to expand interior
  • Plenty of storage and sleeping space

Hybrid Trailers

  • Hard-sided travel trailer with expanding sides to accommodate sleeping berths
  • Much less weight to tow
  • Easy setup and teardown

Fifth Wheels

  • Large and often luxurious
  • Heavy for towing, requires a large engine truck
  • Lots of amenities included
  • Can accommodate most family sizes


  • Fully integrated vehicle and trailer
  • Drive instead of tow
  • Available in sizes from vans to buses
  • Just drive and park with minimal setup

Know What You Need

Camping trailers, no matter what style is best for you, are a large investment. Knowing what your actual camping expectations are is the first thing to consider before buying. Be realistic about the types of trips you want to take to determine exactly what your needs are. Just remember, this is still camping so focus only on what you really need to be comfortable. If your camping style is a quiet site by a small lake, you may want to think about a pop-up or hybrid camper that you can easily take anywhere. Or, you may want to travel across the country, making a motorhome a better choice.

Think about how often you are going to be using your new trailer. They can be an expensive purchase so knowing how much use you will get out of it should be a large part of your budget considerations. If you are going to be spending a lot of time in your trailer, you can think more about comfort and luxury items. If you will only use it a few times a year, you should consider more of the things that you can do without on short trips.

The size of your family will also be a huge consideration on your RV choice. The number of comfortable sleeping areas in your trailer should be a priority. No one has fun on a vacation where you are all crammed in like sardines. Choose an RV that can not only provide comfortable sleeping for everyone but has enough room for everyone to move around without being too cramped. Rainy camping days can feel really long in a tight space.

Once you start taking a look at models, always check out the amount of storage space, all amenities, functional layout and the comforts of home. Ultimately, your family’s lifestyle will play a big part in what you end up with. Get reading to hitch up and head out on your family camping adventure.

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