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How Successful Women Can Climb The Corporate Ladder Even Higher

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Let’s face, in these days of work ethics, everyone vying to be top dog and move forward, a promotion won’t just fall into your lap. If you are looking to step up and climb the corporate ladder, then you will need to be proactive.

Too many of us are under the illusion that by merely doing a good job, it’s all we need to get that promotion we were pushing for or that choice new assignment that your peers are dying to get their mitts on. The sad truth is it’s improbable to be enough. Luckily we have compiled a few top tips to ensure that all of your hard work doesn’t go to waste.

Understand Exactly What Your Goals Are

One of the most significant miscalculations when it comes to getting promoted is that they naturally happen and are equitably distributed. Sadly, it’s just not enough to believe that you deserve one and therefore will get one; you must comprehend and undoubtedly prove just how you meet the conditions required. You also need to question whether you expect a promotion from within your current role or are you contemplating a position from elsewhere in the company? Be very clear on what you need from the outset to make the steps you need to from the start.

Get the Top Dog On Your Side

If you are looking to secure an internal progression, you will want to get the boss on your wavelength. Look at organizing a one to one meeting where you can discuss your progress and let them know that you are looking to find out just how you could have more of an input at work.

It’s best to ask for honest feedback from them as to how you perform in regards to the potential for higher levels within your organization. It may be that you need their more strategic rather than a tactical view of your group. Look to increase your awareness of how the other departments run, as too many of us see where we work through our departments and don’t see the bigger picture. It’s also handy to do the same for your competitors so that you have a market overview when it comes to ascertaining your position.

Help The Higher Echelons

Once you have set up a meeting, find out more about their goals, to focus on helping them to achieve them and make the department or the corporation more successful. You could always volunteer to stay later should an urgent job needs finishing – it will demonstrate your commitment to the situation in hand.

Understand The Need For Information

Although our supervisors are, more often than not, unaware of any achievements we have enjoyed during each week, be sure to document them, passing them on to your boss, in summary, each month. If you are in charge of a team, make sure you celebrate their success with your supervisor too. It shows great leadership. Another must is to be a prolific presence on LinkedIn and begin to get recommendations from your peers.

Keep On Learning New Things

Knowledge is power, so it’s important to look to increase yours. What training courses could you enroll in that will enhance your knowledge or experience? There is plenty you can do from expanding your awareness of on the job situations to studying towards a more formal qualification. The most commonly sought after in the word of business is the Masters. Luckily you can study while you work by taking a masters online. There are different subjects which can be earned in such a way such as marketing, commerce, supply chain and logistics, project management, engineering management and human resources management. Studying in this way means you are unlikely to have to miss any work days to complete your qualification and can earn while you learn. Of course, your external learning doesn’t have to be a masters level qualification; a shorter course may be just as useful. Make sure people within your organization know when you have qualified. They may well wish to highlight your successes within the companies newsletter or internal website or intranet magazine.  Many corporations now like to share their staff’s accolades with the local press.

Seek Out New Possibilities

In a dog-eat-dog world, it makes sense that your company will be soliciting new bids and projects. Therefore, should you see a gap in the market then be sure to let the people who need to know, know. This can be via an internal memo, using any research you have done. Always be sure your name is recognized by highlighting your full name on the front cover.

Dress For Success

If your colleagues dress casually, you can make sure you will stand out through being a bit smarter in your attire. A piece of advice is to dress as if you are carrying out the job at the level above; it helps others to envision you in that role. This also can help to increase your confidence, it makes you feel better and thus act in a more confident manner. If you need any assistance in what looks good and is appropriate for your environment, there are plenty of personal style advisors in your local department stores who will be able to assist you.

Get known

Make a genuine offer to write for or have input into the company magazine or newsletter. By doing so, this will mean you will be seen by lots of people within the corporation. Be sure to get chatting with peers from other parts of the organization and find out all about their work and the challenges they face day to day. This may come in extremely useful at some point; you never know when such insider information is vital. There is quite often a need for cross-functional project teams, and the more you are identified and the more you know about what each team does,  the more likely your name will be put forward.

No matter how you plan on taking the next step the key is to be prepared, plan and do your research. Making sure you have ticked as many boxes as possible will give you the advantage when it comes to proving just why you deserve the promotion. Good luck!


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