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How Can You Fund More Overseas Trips?

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Want to spend some time overseas this year, but aren’t sure how you’ll afford it? It’s a common dilemma, travel can be expensive, especially if you’re used to staying in fancy hotels and dining at michelin star restaurants. However, it doesn’t need to be this way, you can still have a great experience in another country and do things slightly differently. Here are some ideas to earn as you go. 


Lots of volunteering organisations offer food and accommodation in return for your help in their organisation. It’s not traditional travel as you can’t just go off all day and do whatever you want, however, you still get to visit a new place in the world and get the added benefit of knowing you made a positive difference. Check out some overseas voluntary organisations and see if there are any places for you to go over the summer time. It could be teaching simple english and maths to students to helping erect buildings to conservation work depending on the charity you work with.

Work abroad

Getting a job while you’re abroad and doing some work would allow you to stay out there for a while. Some simple bar work or cleaning would enable you to sustain yourself, then the rest of the time you get to explore and spend doing whatever you want. If you’re keen to live abroad for a little while before settling down back home, then this is a great way to go about it. 

Get a job that allows you to travel

If you don’t just want to work any old job, or already have a career, then why not look into ways you can travel through this? Occupations such as healthcare and travel social work often enable you to find work elsewhere in the world. Then you have the more obvious options such as airline staff, where you’ll always be jetting from place to place. 

Be a remote worker

As a remote worker, you have an employer meaning you have a set number of hours or jobs to get through, a set wage and probably employee benefits. However, you don’t have to go into a physical workplace. Many remote workers of course just work from home, but if you love to travel there’s nothing stopping you from working on the go! As long as your tasks get completed each day then you can essentially work from anywhere. Take your laptop to the beach and work there, download the software you need and work from a train or you could enjoy your days travelling, get back to your hotel/ accommodation and do a few hours each evening before bed. 

Work self employedIf you’d prefer more freedom with your work while you travel then why not be your own boss? You could freelance, you could blog or put out Youtube videos as a way to generate income. If you’ve already established a successful business back home, another option would be to simply run things from the top using just your laptop and video calling which you can do from anywhere in the world. Once your tasks done for the day on the laptop you’re then free to go and travel and explore.

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