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Here’s A Checklist For A Safer Outdoor Space

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How committed are you to backyard safety in your home? Is it an idling space for scrap or a backyard garden? According to research on homes, 20% of falls often result in aggravated emergency room cases. Again, elderly people are more likely to fall every second, while children are at a higher risk in backyards. The findings indicate that backyard safety is something you shouldn’t overlook. Hopefully, these points will provide insight into creating a safe outdoor space.

  1. Safety around grills and firepits

The law states that grills and fire pits should be placed 10 to 25 feet away from combustible surfaces. The same distance is required between your house and these two. On the other hand, if the surrounding space around the home is too small to stick to the required distance, other precautions can be taken. This includes protecting the fire area with an anti-combustible material to retain heat at the desired spot.

Grills account for close to 9000 home fires annually. Fortunately, the National Fire Protection Association believes it can be stopped. They continue to call for more sensitization and awareness programs to help people become more responsible around fires. Although the country is about six months away from winter, experts say more precautions should be taken with firepits. If your backyard harbors a wood-stoked fire pit, you may want to stay away from construction wood. These usually contain flammable chemicals that could cause havoc. The ideal material to use is seasoned wood. You may also want to use steel fire pits because the flames are more contained.

  1. Secure kids’ playset in the backyard

Active children will often get knee scrapes and minor cuts on the elbows as they run around. But that in no way means leaving their playtime to chance. Things can quickly get out of hand, and before you know it, you will be rushing them to the emergency room. Indeed, no parent wants this for their children. Therefore, secure your children’s playset installed in the backyard.

You must also ensure that the immediate surrounding areas in the play area are hazard-free. For example, if your kids trip or come down the slide, is anything close by that could hurt them? Additionally, the metal parts of playsets may be prone to rust if left to the weather’s vagaries. This could cause problems should someone be scratched. In this case, periodic checks of these setups in the backyard are crucial.

  1. Keep garden supplies out of pet and kids’ reach

Young kids and pets seem to have the same character traits; their curiosity knows no bounds. So, when you live with both, there is a heightened need to secure your backyard. It would be a safety measure to keep plants and garden supplies out of reach when you have a garden. Some plants like Oleanders are poisonous and should not be ingested. Others can also cause severe skin allergies when touched.

There are two options to explore here. The first is to cordon only the garden and supply areas, making them inaccessible for kids and household pets. The second option is to make the backyard a no-go area. If the latter option is not feasible, your fencing must be strictly child and pet-proof.

The backyard can be as safe as you want it to be. Quite often, all it takes is to conduct periodic checks to identify possible hazards.