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Getting Motivated, and Staying In The Zone

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Your motivation is what gets you through the day and through those more challenging workouts. It keeps you on track to reach all of your goals. 

But where can you get more motivation to ensure you meet all of your goals? In life and fitness? 

Why does motivation matter?

Motivation is that little spark that can get you through some of the difficult moments in your journey. It can help you change old habits that are damaging to you and create new healthier habits. 

Motivation can help you tackle a challenge confidently and get what you need to get done when you face a challenge. 

It is also motivation that helps you set goals and then go further to reach them. 

Getting started

When we start a new hobby or workout regime, we are often filled with motivation. We have big ideas about what we want to do – and how we will do it. 

Over time that can begin to waver, so starting with a stock of get-up-and-go is essential. 

Here are a couple of places you can get that start motivation. 

  • Set yourself some clear goals. Of course, there will be smaller steps to take on the way to get there for each goal. Break bigger goals down into smaller ones. Making them feel more manageable from the start. 
  • Make room for what you want to achieve. We can’t magically grant ourselves multiple extra hours a day or week. It’s something we have to do actively. 
  • Gather your support group! Friends, family, and online groups can keep you focused. Even on your down days, they can help you to perk up and keep going. 
  • Be honest with yourself because it matters. You will have some days that you don’t feel like completing a full workout or finishing your hobby project. Be honest with yourself when you have found your limits – and work to improve them. 

Where can you get motivation?

Motivation isn’t something you can buy in a bottle, but it is something that you can gain more of as you go. 

Motivation and confidence have very strong links. 

We get confidence by learning new skills and improving old ones. The better we feel at something, the more confidence we have in our abilities. 

Many people gain confidence from where they work, knowing they have a deep skillset that they can rely on to get the job done. 

But if you aren’t fulfilled in your work, you can look for volunteer opportunities that can provide that. Look for volunteer roles that offer you something that you don’t typically get in work, like Diana Klurfeld volunteers. 

Doing good for the community, and for others makes us feel great. Those great feelings can spread through everything else you do. 

Get inspiration from others who are on a similar path to you. While it is important not to compare yourself to others who started their journey before you, or even at the same time, you can get motivation from them. 

See that they see results, and you will too in time. 

Staying motivated

To keep that big high that has served you so well, it’s time to take some steps. 

  • Track your process, no matter how small. If the goal was to lose weight, count even the small loss as a win. 
  • Are you working on defining your muscles? Rather than consider you aren’t far enough along yet, consider if you are in a plateau and make a plan for when you move beyond it. 
  • Be proud of what you have achieved so far by celebrating the small achievements. This builds your motivation and confidence. 
  • Look at the people around you. Do you have any negative people who don’t seem to support and cheer you on? It might be time to reconsider those friendships. 
  • Keep setting new goals as soon as you reach the last one. This will give you a track to keep focused on. 
  • It takes three months to develop a new habit, so keep track of the days and weeks as you build the new practice into your life. 
  • Breaks are a great way to give you a little bit of time to adjust your plans. 

Down days and setbacks are a normal part of journeys, and it’s essentialto accept these but know they are temporary. 

These hard times can help you build up resilience, so the next time a similar obstacle appears – you’re ready to tack it head-on. 

Keep going – you’ve got this!

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