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Florida Mom Finds Mystery “Mold” Item In Capri Sun Drink Pouch

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UPDATE 11/6/2014:

There are more and more hits to this post because of newer stories and videos, like this one on Facebook that was posted 11/4/2014

Here is the latest news story it seems people are searching for:

You can even read about Capri Sun mold finding on

Newer pouches of Capri Sun now have clear bottoms, you can read more HERE

Capri Sun has explained previously that they do not preservatives, and there is a lot of information on their website


What you see in that picture is the “mystery” item that Florida mom, Melissa Wiegand Brown, found in an individual package of Kraft Foods Capri Sun. After purchasing a box of the kid’s Apple Splash drink pouches, they noticed that one was leaking or punctured, so they went to dump it out and her husband felt something abnormal within the Capri Sun pouch.

You can read the whole story on the Consumer Bell, but I just wanted to say that this is really gross. There are no facts as to what exactly the item is, and apparently Kraft is saying it’s mold? Wouldn’t it be wise to start investigated, make sure that if this IS mold, that it’s not going to make anyone sick, or die?

I’m curious though… after seeing these pictures, and reading the story, are you going to boycott Kraft? Are you leery of purchasing Kraft products? What do YOU think the “mystery” item in the pouch is?


Melissa stopped by and left her statement! Here it is for all to read:
We have never said anything bad about Kraft. We want people aware that there could be mold in your children’s juices!!!! I am stepping up and doing the right thing by making people aware!!! I think kraft should switch to clear pouches, such as you can find made by Minute Maid, and my second concern is that mold just doesn’t spawn out of the blue. There had to have been a mold spore that got into the pouch, most likely during processing when the pouch was punctured, which Kraft has admitted to that this happens. Is their machinery clean and safe???? Mold doesn’t appear out of the blue. My concern at this point is that we suspect that a mold spore was most likely on the machinery that punctured the juice pouch and that’s how this got started. and need I remind everyone that we are having an independent lab do DNA analysis. Kraft’s lab is the one stating that it is mold. The jury is still out for my family. Once again I am going to ask that Kraft issue a recall for concerned citizens. We mean no malicious harm or intent or to scare the public. I could not get a comment on what type of mold that Kraft found from the sample that we voluntarily gave to them. We have been in communication with Kraft directly. We are cooperating with them. Along with the specimen we gave them, which was approximately 1/3 of the “thing” in my daughters juice, we also gave them the box it was packed in so that they would have lot numbers in hopes of a recall.

Please note that this box of Apple Splash 100% juice sat in our air conditioned home after it was purchased. the box was not wet, there was no leaking juice in the pantry, it was only upon opening the box of juice and pulling out the top pouch that my husband felt the sticky pouch. what was a small hole immediately became larger from the pressure of picking it up, presumably because of fermenting gases inside the bloated package. It immediately started gushing on the counter top and floor. My husband rushed it to the sink to simply empty it and throw it in the trash. it was then that we noticed a fermented alcohol smell that quickly consumed our entire downstairs of our home. After the pouch was drained my husband noticed it still felt heavy, so he felt of it and felt a large solid object inside. He yelled for me to grab the camera and take pictures as he sliced open the pouch with one of our Kitchenaid knives. We were immediately in shock and awe as to what was inside. Please look at my public photo album for the pictures. The album is entitled Capri Sun. We are waiting for DNA lab results, which take time. I ask that everyone please be patient on waiting for us to get the results back. My message is that there are probably things Kraft can be doing to keep this from happening again. also they declined to comment to me, personally, on how many of these reports they have. I am simply not satisfied at this point with Kraft’s response. We are not boycotting Kraft, we’re not suing Kraft. We’re a humble military family out for children’s safety awareness! In fact, for dinner last night my daughter, who is 4.5, ate Kraft macaroni and cheese… her favorite :)

Since Kraft has blocked me can you guys advocate for me please???? The facts are we are not suing Kraft. We fed Beth Kraft Mac n Cheese for dinner last night. We did not tamper with the packaging. Kraft says mold happens and their pouches get punctured. Again I asked them for the 5th time for a recall. They will not comment on the type of mold and they will not comment on the amount of claims like ours. I am so concerned that a company who does so much business wouldn’t automatically issue a recall on the day after Labor Day when we spoke directly to Kraft officials. If someone finds a foreign object in a product, especially food, shouldn’t it be a companies moral obligation to its consumers to issue an immediate recall out of general concern? Instead, they wait and wait until they say that Kraft’s lab says its mold. Larry at Kraft agreed with me that the mold was unacceptable. I have his work and home number. Anyone want to ask Larry some questions? I would personally like to see a recall. They have the necessary info that we voluntarily gave to them, via the specimen and the box the juice was in, and see them take a closer look at their packaging plants and the cleanliness of the machinery, and I suggested to Larry that they switch to clear pouches like Minute Maid makes. Larry said he’d note that. Let me state again that the package was bought in a bulk pack at BJ’s Wholesale. Four flavors, 10 in each box. Each of the four flavors boxes are sealed with what looks like glue, generally hard to open. Then those four are bundled together and shrink-wrapped with Capri Sun logo packaging and are shipped off to Costco’s, Sam’s Clubs, BJ’s Wholesale clubs, and other wholesale/bulk shopping stores. I know my personal friends know who we are and that this is no joke, but people are saying that I have stated I am suing. People have said that my DNA lab results are in and that they say that the findings were mold – completely false! We are looking at at least a couple of weeks here before results are in! Also, someone said that she looked at my pictures and said “of course it’s mold it was smeared all over the juice pouch”…. how funny is that comment???? Please feel free to copy and paste this to their (Kraft) Facebook page since I cannot. Again, we are a humble military family. We have no attorney. We hope that independent DNA results show that the object is indeed mold or fruit. We are disappointed that there is still no recall. I think that’s just bad business. We are not boycotting Kraft, we are not suing Kraft, we still buy Kraft products. Our daughter ate Kraft Mac n Cheese for dinner last night. I think this is a red flag and all companies should check and double check the cleanliness of their plants, machinery, look at ways that they can make their products safer, and use this experience to make Kraft customers customers for life and not alienate them.


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