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Family Fun and Motivation at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio

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We were provided with hotel accommodations and admission to facilitate this experience review. 

I will admit, I’m not the biggest football fan. I know, practically everyone I know IS a football fan but I’ve just always preferred baseball and I’m not ashamed of it. Sure, I will watch football games that are BIG but I’m not a die-hard fan and I’ve never even been to an NFL game. But during our recent trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, I left SUPER motivated and with a new understanding of not just the game, but the players.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame and Museum in Canton, Ohio is a pretty cool place for families and football fans to check out. I had no expectations going in, and really no idea what kind of exhibits we would ever encounter and I’m glad! There truly was something for everyone in our family!

If you are planning a trip to that area, I have to recommend the hotel that we stayed at. Hands down one of the best “small town” hotels we’ve stayed at with the BEST front desk staff (she was so friendly and great with the kids!) and a killer breakfast. The Comfort Suites in Hartville is a fantastic choice for your stay if you’re making a weekend road trip or any kind of trip.

Next door there is a HUGE family restaurant (it seats like 700 or something crazy!) with a massive gift shop. You can walk right to it and it’s worth a visit. We, unfortunately, arrived too late to have dinner but it smelled amazing when we were browsing the gift shop so I hope to go back for a meal (or two)!

While at the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Museum, take the time to see the films shown in the theaters. They are WORTH IT. In the Hall of Fame Super Bowl Theater, this is where I left with a bit more understanding of the sport.

My husband and I agreed as we left that after visiting, we have a new appreciation for the game. It’s a very physical game, and I sure don’t understand the actual gameplay, but those players are dedicated and hard working. They go out there with one purpose (to win), and while they might be big and strong, they still need to be inspired and pushed like everyone else. It’s a HARD game, so come that 3rd or 4th quarter, they are tired and beat down. The locker room and sideline speeches are vital to their success. I’m all about finding motivation and inspiration, and this was an unexpected source.

To plan your visit, check out the admission rates and hours available on their website. I would also recommend a museum tour. Our tour guide was AWESOME, especially with the kids and their random questions. To help with where to stay, where to eat and what else to check out in the Canton area, go HERE for tons of resources.