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Essential Oils

Do you already know that Young Living is the best of the best? Ready to start your oily journey? Take advantage of this amazing special that includes everything you need to get started with essential oils.

Purchase a Young Living Premium Starter Kit ($150 for over $300 worth of product. What a great deal on it’s own!) and I will send you the following resources to get you started off on the right foot.

  • Essential Oils Pocket Reference 6th Edition – An invaluable resource of nearly 500 pages at your fingertips. With the EOPR in hand you’ll always know how to use your oils.
  • The Essential Oils Starter Guide – A beautiful 20+ page booklet that demonstrated uses for every item that comes in your starter kit. Think of it as the “quick start guide” to oiling.
  • $20 Gift Code – Obviously you can spend this on anything you like from Amazon.
  • Gentle Babies Book – This book is the essential oil bible for anyone who is pregnant, breastfeeding, or has a young child (or grandchild!) You’ll learn what to use for common pregnancy and early childhood issues as well as what is safe. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Access to Oily Family Room and Oily Connections on Facebook – Oily Family Room is over 22,000 members strong! If you’ve got a question, chances are you can find an answer there. Join our Oily Connections Facebook group for a smaller, more personal experience. Ask questions, share your excitement about essential oils, and get to know others along the way.
  • Email Support – An introductory email class, plus ongoing support from yours truly.



I’m not a medical professional by any means, but as a mom, I want my family to be happy and healthy. We’ve been dealing with some sleep issues for a while now with our toddlers. As I was researching, trying to find ways to help them sleep better, I kept coming across essential oils. Over and over again, testimonial after testimonial, all kinds of positive results. Including better sleep. Better behavior. Things as a mom, I was only dreaming about!

On a whim, I took the plunge. I signed up as a wholesale distributor and purchased the exact kit you see above. I was nervous – would they work? I was excited – this will be fun!

Let me tell you something. The first night we applied oils, our three year old had a “nighttime poo” that was mind blowing (remember, I’m a mom, this is our zone right here). He hadn’t gone in a couple of days if my memory serves correct. Oils must have done this! The second night? The same thing! They say that essential oils “go” to the trouble zones of the body – his digestive system must have been in trouble!

Since then, he’s been sleeping better. Both toddlers have been. Our nightly ritual is an almost full body massage with oils and coconut oil. It’s relaxing for everyone, it’s a special bonding moment. Many nights, our three year old is “out of it” by the time the massage is done, he’s THAT sleepy!

I’m sharing this with you because it’s what I believe in. As a mom, I believe in happiness and health. My home smells wonderful, my kids are sleeping better, and I can’t wait to see what else we can relieve!

You too can purchase that same kit to get started. You don’t have to “sell” or start up a business, but it DOES give you the best value.


Step by step instructions on how to join Young Living Essential Oils:

1. Click here to begin the quick and easy enrollment process.

2. Select “Member” not retail customer. This is the wholesale membership. You are NOT AGREEING TO SELL or distribute anything. Pinky promise! If you select “Retail Customer” you will not receive wholesale pricing and will pay retail which is 24% more than wholesale.

3. Make sure my member number (1858063) is in the Sponsor ID and Enroller ID spots.

4. Be sure to include your email address so I can invite you to the Oily Family Facebook support group . This support is vital for empowering you to use the oils to the fullest.

5. Choose the Premium Starter Kit you want (there are five to choose from) then proceed to check out.You do not have to order an Essential Rewards kit to join. Essential oils reward will place you on an autoship program to get free oils. If you’d like to be part of this program you can sign up at a later date and you still won’t have to purchase a kit to be part of it.

6. Done. Your oils are on their way, and so is your gift from me!


Want to purchase the Premium Starter Kit? CLICK HERE.

You don’t have to purchase the PSK to get started on an oily journey, just note that it IS the best value. If you’d like to purchase oils without becoming a wholesale member, just go HERE and click Product Line on the left to shop.