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DIY Repurposed Penguin Lightbulb Ornament

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Repurposed Penguin Lightbulb Ornament


Homemade ornaments are such a fun and festive way to spend time together as a family and create little masterpieces to hang on your tree year after year. Since I have a slight obsession for penguins, this repurposed ornament is a great way to take those dead lightbulbs and turn them into art!

Repurposed Penguin Lightbulb Ornament

Incandescent Light Bulb
3 Black Pipe Cleaners
Red pom pom ball
White, Orange & Black Acrylic Paint

Paint large oval on bulb white.
Paint rest of bulb black.
Allow to dry.
Paint orange triangle for beak.
Paint black circles for eyes.
Allow to dry.
Tie a loop in a piece of ribbon and glue to threads on bulb (Wrap with tape while it sets).
Begin wrapping pipe cleaner around threads. As you get near end of each, twist it together with another pipe cleaner to continue wrapping.
when you get to end you will need to lay a bead of glue all around the end of the base to hold pipe cleaner in place.
Allow glue to dry defore hanging.

DIY Christmas Ornament - Penguin Lightbulb

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