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DIY Duct Tape Over-the-Collar Dog Bandana

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DIY Duct Tape Over-the-Collar Dog Bandana

We are definitely dog people. We’ve adopted and rescued and fostered (he’s family, it doesn’t really count) and couldn’t be happier with our two incredibly lazy pups, Marilyn and Ripley. Ripley is pretty easy-going and doesn’t mind the camera whereas Marilyn knows I have the camera and won’t cooperate a single bit! I wanted to try something fun with Ripley who has really mastered our stairs and show him some love with not just a new collar bandana but some delicious treats that I picked up at Meijer, Milo’s Kitchen home-style dog treats!

I was surprised with how quickly this DIY project came together. Of course, Ripley wasn’t thrilled that I had the treats out and he could see them. I only had them so I could reward him for tolerating having his collar off! He did some tricks with the kids afterward, too – sit, shake, down, speak.

To make your own duct tape over-the-collar bandana, you will need:

A cutting surface
Your choice of tape – solid or a fun print
Washi tape – this is optional and may peel off eventually, but it adds a fun little pop of color to make the bandana unique

If you have one, a fabric bandana is great to have to trace the triangular shape onto your tape.

To start, you will need to make “fabric” with your tape. It’s super easy and makes all kinds of DIY duct tape projects so much easier. Lay down strips of tape, slightly overlapping each one so when you peel them up, they stay together. Once you have the first layer the size you want, you peel and flip it over. This time, the second layer of tape will go horizontally over your now vertical strips. Using your scissors you’ll trim the edges to make a clean piece of “fabric”.

Using the fabric bandana you already own, trace the triangular shape onto your “fabric” and cut. You should now have something that very closely resembles an over-the-collar bandana! You’ll want to take your dogs collar for the next step, so you can size the bandana correctly and so it goes the collar easily. Use the buckle here, as you will need enough room for one end to fit through.

Once you’ve sized it, you can clean it up by using two strips of tape on either edge and then apply your washi tape as you wish. I love that I had this fun superhero tape already and that it went so well with the teal tape! Slide the bandana onto the collar, put the collar on and you’ve just made a totally unique over-the-collar bandana for your dog!

As I was saying, we have two dogs so we go through a lot of treats! I pay a lot of attention to the ingredients in treats, just as much as I do with the food us humans eat. It’s important to take care of everyone’s health – our dogs are our family, too! Milo’s Kitchen home-style treats are made in the USA with 100% chicken, beef, duck or sweet potato as the first ingredient. The treats are also free of artificial ingredients and colors!

I promise, he was excited! He just wanted a treat and here I am, trying to take a picture!

The next time you are shopping at Meijer, take advantage of this mPerks offer of 30% off Milo’s Kitchen home-style dog treats now through 10/7 (while supplies last)! If you’ve never tried them before, I recommend a smaller bag just to be sure your dog goes crazy and wants more.