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Cinnamon Orange Vanilla Stovetop Potpourri

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Cinnamon Orange Vanilla stovetop potpourri

Want a super simple way to make your whole home smell amazing and inviting? This stovetop potpourri is the perfect way to do just that! You could also do this in a small slow cooker set to low. This is also a great alternative to chemical products to make your home smell great. Grab a small pot and let this simmer!

Stovetop Simmering Potpourri – Orange, Vanilla, Cinnamon

Cinnamon Orange Vanilla stovetop simmering potpourri

Simply add a couple cups of water to a pot on low to medium heat.

Add in a few orange slices, a cinnamon stick or two, and either a splash of vanilla extract or real vanilla bean and let sit.

The aroma is simply delicious and a great scent to have in your home as we transition into fall!

I love to have this going when busy with other household tasks like laundry and cleaning to help mask those cleaning product scents. You can mix up the scents too with a pinch of nutmeg – guests might think you’ve been baking! I usually let mine simmer for an hour or two before letting it cool and discarding (drain the water, throw away the rest).

Have you ever made a simmering stovetop potpourri? What’s your favorite to make?