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Car Maintenance For Road Trips

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Car Maintenance For Road TripsBefore you leave home on a long road trip journey, you need to make sure to take care of this much needed Car Maintenance For Road Trips.  Making sure your car is safe to travel is the most important thing you will do for your family’s safety.  These tips are suggestions to ensure your vehicle is up to standards it needs to be for an easy and safe journey no matter how near or far your destination is.

Car Maintenance For Road Trips

Oil change.  Before any extended road trip, this is a must.  Changing the oil can be the difference in engine performance, and can actually mean life or death of your car.  Make sure to get your oil changed before any extended road trip for the safety o your car.

Tire rotation.  Since you don’t want to wear your tires out unevenly, make sure they have been rotated before your trip.  You can also check for wear and tear, places that may need a batch and any indication that a tire could cause a problem along the way.

Check your brakes.  Most people will go the life of their car without having brake issues, but being on the road you want to double check.  Have your mechanic take a look and let you know if your brakes, wheel bearings and rotors are all in good condition.  Replace and repair as needed before going long distances.

Check all filters. Oil filter will be changed when you get that serviced, but your air filter may need an update as well.  Ask your mechanic to take a look at all filters for safety before you leave town.

Transmission check.  A thorough transmission check and flush is a great idea to keep your vehicle running in top shape while on the road.  A transmission flush may be recommended by your mechanic, and is a good idea to do 1-2 weeks prior to traveling. Usually this is only recommended when you are over 75,000 miles on your transmission, but sometimes more frequently.

Fluids check. A quick check of all fluids can keep you in great shape while on the road.  Power steering, coolant, even simple wiper fluid should all be topped off and/or changed as needed before you take on a long road trip with your family.

A/C recharge. If you are traveling in the heat of summer you will likely be using your air conditioning a lot. Take the time to see if your mechanic can recharge your air conditioning to make sure it is cooling at it’s best possible.  Not all cars will require this, so ask with your dealer or mechanic to see.

Getting read for a fun family road trip vacation can be tons of fun, with a little work thrown in.  These car maintenance for road trip tips are sure to keep your family safe and happy while on the road.  Make sure to invest in a god roadside assistance plan through your insurance or a company like AAA before you head out on the road.  It is better to be safe than sorry when something happens unexpectedly on your trip.