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Birthday Cake PEEPS S’mores

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Birthday Cake Peeps S'mores
I really do love the marshmallow PEEPS  and every flavor they’ve had. I’m not a seasonal girl either, so don’t give me PEEPS at just Easter or Christmas – I love them as a year round treat! I know not everyone loves them and some find them gross (like my own husband, he doesn’t like them), but if you do, using PEEPS in place of regular, boring marshmallows is a fun way to treat yourself, so check out these Birthday Cake PEEPS S’mores!


1 Package of birthdy cake flavored chick Peeps
Fun Size Hershey’s Bars
Graham Crackers


Step 1: Place one Hershey’s fun sized bar on top of one graham cracker square.

Step 2: Put a birthday cake flavored peep on top of the chocolate and microwave for 10-20 seconds. The peep will blow up big in the microwave, but don’t worry, it shrinks back down when you pull it out.

Step 3: Top the s’more with another graham cracker square and enjoy! Tip: For the younger crowd, I let their treat cool so the PEEPS and chocolate have time to cool off and start to harden back up. A slightly less messy version!

If you love PEEPS, what’s your favorite flavor?




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