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Being a Full-Time Student and a Mom: Pros and Cons

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Being a full-time student is quite a challenge as it is. However, some students have additional responsibilities to bear. Young moms often feel like they have to choose between school and children. Thus, they decide whether to follow their goals or dedicate more time to the kids. It’s a tough choice to make. Here are the factors to consider when choosing to be a mom and a full-time student. 

Pros: It’s best for your child

Having higher education will certainly benefit your child in the future. Of course, being a student and a mom can be quite challenging at times. Yet, think of why you are doing it. The pursuit of higher education is not a selfish act on your side. It’s your investment in a better future for both of you.
Every college graduate increases their chances of finding better, higher-paid jobs. Thus, you are working on a chance to build a successful career. Such a goal will assure you a stable financial future where you can give your child everything they need. Isn’t that what all mothers want for their children? That’s what you are working on right now! 

Being a full-time student will provide you with high-quality education and grant you valuable skills in life. Later, you will use them to benefit your child. Thus, you will be building a better future for your family based on the degree you receive. It’s a challenge, of course. Yet, that’s what is best for your child. 

Cons: Feeling of guilt

Students have to dedicate a lot of time to study. Hence, all this time in libraries and classrooms is the time away from your child. Hence, many young mothers feel guilty for pursuing their own ambitions and sacrificing time with their families. However, guilt is a bad companion in life. 

Don’t let the feeling of guilt distract you! Your goals and ambitions are important. Besides, you can always file an essays order online to spend more time with your child. Essays are a very time-consuming assignment. By delegating such a task to the professionals, you will instantly have up to ten more hours to spend on a child’s needs. So, where’s will, there is always a solution. 

Pros: You can do remote study

Fortunately, today, we all have options to study remotely. Hence, you can try to stay at home more often. Of course, many may find remote studying with a kid at home quite challenging. However, there are many solutions. For one, you can set a study area. Thus, there will be a place in your house dedicated just for work. There you’ll find better concentration and privacy.
Also, remote study grants you more flexibility. Such studying will allow you to watch your children at home. Thus, you will decrease your feeling of guilt for being away often. Besides, you can cut costs on childcare on most days. Remote study options may also come at a reduced cost. 

Cons: Reduced budget

You will have to sacrifice a big portion of your budget to pay off your degree and other related expenses. Textbooks, school fees, study materials, and commuting, among other expenditures, will take valuable resources out of your budget. Of course, these could have been the money directed at your child. However, that’s the temporary price you will need to pay to get your degree. 

Such a sacrifice can be a lot to young moms, especially those without any extra help. A limited budget can put you in an uncomfortable situation. Perhaps, you will need to spend more hours working to pay for the bills. Hence, you will spend even less time with your child. Of course, balancing a budget and finding the money for all your essentials can be a big challenge for studying moms. 

Pros: Children-friendly colleges

More and more colleges are becoming increasingly child-friendly. It means that schools are ready to accommodate young moms. Hence, today many colleges have on-campus childcare at reduced costs. Schools also have family housing for young parents and other benefits for students with children. Overall, you can easily find schools that will help you grow your child on campus and not for all the money in the world. 

Additionally, you can unite with other moms to form a support or safety net group, if you will. Thus, you can help each other on various occasions. After all, they say ‘it takes a whole village…’ for a reason. You’ll see how much help you can have by combining your parenting efforts with other moms. 

Bottom line

Combining studies and motherhood is surely a challenge. Both of these ‘jobs’ require maximum hours and undivided attention. Of course, young moms will struggle to keep a balance in their lives or find the finances to support their needs. Yet, these tough years will be rewarded. 

Higher education will help you get a head start in the career you want. Hence, better job opportunities will benefit your child, too. Besides, by following your goals, you learn to stand up to what you believe in and show courage and determination. You become an example to your child. 

Overall, it’s up to each mother to choose whether they want to pursue their higher education or not. Spending time with your children is also important, especially in early childhood. There will be many cons and pros to becoming a student with a child. You should know about all of them before making up your mind.