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Are You Thinking About Becoming A Truck Driver?

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Has lockdown got you thinking about new career plans? Maybe staying at home while the COVID-19 pandemic wreaks havoc across the globe has got you looking at what you do for a living and thinking about how the skills that you have can be used to do another job.

Ask any delivery driver, especially a long-distance truck driver, and they will sing the praises of the job. No two days are the same, you get to travel the country – and in some cases, the world – and meet new people every day. 

If delivery driving or trucking is something that you have never thought about, check this post out to see if you have the skills that every delivery driver needs. 

Be able to drive like a pro

This is the most basic. If you can’t drive, or can but are not a confident driver, truck or delivery driving is probably not the best career path for you. You will spend the vast majority of your working day behind the wheel, potentially driving large vehicles in unfamiliar areas with heavy loads, and, depending on where you are, in some particularly hazardous locations.

All drivers need a clean license and the correct type of license for the vehicle that they intend to drive. You also need to be sure that you are physically fit; good eyesight is essential as well as color vision. 

Be able to focus

You can be on the road for long periods, sometimes on your own, so managing distractions such as the radio and things going on all around you is essential to be able to drive safely. You will probably drive much longer distances than you would in your everyday life, and knowing when you are too tired to continue to drive safely and to pull over is a skill that you absolutely will need. The last thing that you want to do is to be involved in an accident and need to call out the best truck accident lawyers.

Have an eye for detail

When you are out on the road, potentially on your own and in the middle of nowhere, a breakdown is the last thing that you want. It makes you late for your drop-off or pick up and getting home, it can cost the business much money, but most importantly, it can be dangerous. You need to know your vehicle inside and out, and keeping an eye on the smaller things can stop bigger things from going wrong later on down the line.

Have excellent customer service skills

While it is not intrinsically a customer-facing role, you will meet customers and clients at some point, whether that is when picking up supplies or making drop-offs, and how you interact with them will say a lot about the company that you are representing. You will probably have to deal with some stressful situations – late deliveries, missing orders, things turning up broken – and how you manage them is important.

Delivery driving can be a pretty awesome job. If you have the skills and the motivation, delve into the world of trucking and driving.