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7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be Using Kettlebells

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You may have seen people swinging kettlebells around in the gym or online. But these fitness fanatics aren’t just shameless posers. Instead, they’re individuals who really understand the benefits of dynamic kettlebell movements. 

Kettlebells are popular for a reason. Here’s why everyone should be using them as part of their fitness routine. 

Do A Vast Array Of Exercises With Minimal Equipment

Kettlebells let people do a lot of exercise with relatively little equipment. You can use them to target practically every muscle in the body in ways that simply aren’t possible with conventional dumbbells. 

Reduce Posture Issues

With so many people spending their lives hunched over devices, postural issues are becoming more common. People have curved spines, tight hips, and crooked necks. 

Kettlebells, however, help to address these imbalances. They fight back against excessive leaning through the trunk, strengthening the posterior chain. They also help to reduce anterior dominance, which results in excessive leaning or stooping. 

Learn New Skills

The array of exercises that you can do with kettlebells is actually quite mind-blowing. Dozens of movements are available, from the simple to the complex.

For instance, you can master the kettlebell windmill with this in depth tutorial. This movement targets muscles in ways that convention resistance training simply can’t. 

Combine Anaerobic With Aerobic Training

Most people separate aerobic from anaerobic training. However, using kettlebells lets you do both. Research shows that when you combine the two, you wind up with superior results compared to just doing one or the other. 

Boost Your Power

Historically, kettlebells were popular among strength and power athletes. They improved so-called “functional fitness,” allowing them to get stronger in everyday activities, not just gym-specific movements. 

Kettlebells, for instance, are extremely good at improving the explosivity of the posterior chain. Regular use maintains your ability to perform jumps, kicks, sprints, and other activities for a lifetime. 


If you’re traveling, finding a gym is challenging. There is either none available, or you have to pay high fees for a one-off session. 

With kettlebells, though, you can avoid these expenses and get a great workout at the same time. Kettlebells are the whole gym in a single tool. Once you have one in your luggage, that’s all you need to keep fit and active on the road. 

Better Stabilization

Using the Smith machine or squatting under a barbell demands that your body uses a little stabilization, but not as much as you might think. However, when you use a kettlebell, stabilizing muscles are forced to play a bigger role. 

Think about it: when you swing the kettlebell into the air, you have to activate all of the muscles in your body to oppose its motion. You might be targeting the shoulders, but you are activating the entire posterior chain. 

Improves Athletic Performance

Lastly, if you’ve hit a plateau in the gym, then kettlebells could be a great way to push through it. You can use them to target the needs of specific athletes, whether you’re into jogging, lifting heavy weights, or hockey.