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6 Tips To Bring Back Real Conversations on Twitter

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6 Tips To Bring Back Real Conversations on Twitter
I miss Twitter. I know it’s still there and still a very popular social network, but I miss the Twitter of when I first joined. People had conversations. Real conversations, tweet after tweet of conversation. Twitter wasn’t a place to just drop your links and run. It was a place to connect with others, to build a community, and yes, grow your blog by sharing your links. With any social network, I think it’s very important to not just spam your links – you have to connect with people.

Here are tips for bringing back the conversation on Twitter and how it could help your blog or business grow!

1. Clean up your followers list. You can do this manually or use one of the many Twitter tools for auditing but essentially you want to unfollow inactive accounts, spam accounts, accounts in a foreign language you don’t understand, and anyone you have no interest in seeing tweets from. This will fill your feed with the tweets you want to see.

2. Utilize Twitter Lists. You can have public and private lists, so use them! Make one for your close friends and colleagues, one for brands you can’t live without, one for news outlets, one for people you admire, whatever you want! Organize your followers into lists and visit those lists regularly to interact with the members. Creating lists can also prompt other Twitter users to add you to their lists!

3. Use hashtags. Want to strike up a conversation on politics? Search for relevant hashtags! Want to share blogging tips and see what others are sharing? #bloggingtips is for you. Maybe you want to connect with other moms, #moms and #parenting are good places to start. Searching those hashtags can lead to joining conversations, and help you find new people to follow and network with.

4. Don’t just tweet your links. Yes, you can have a balanced mix of promotional tweets of your own content AND conversation, you just need to want it.  Use a scheduler if you have to (I like Buffer) and schedule your promotional content in advance. Now when you are browsing Twitter, you are free to just use it and chat!

5. See what’s trending. You have a favorite TV show, so why not join in on the hashtag while watching it every Sunday night and connect with other fans? Use Twitter to stay up to date on current events and talk to those sharing news, or sharing their opinions.

6. Just start talking. Sometimes a simple tweet of a random thought can lead to a fun conversation with others who can relate. If we all take the time to just tweet some non-promotional content, we would see an increase in the conversation and connections being made on Twitter!

I’d love to know, how do you use Twitter? Do you have real conversations on there or are you guilty of just dropping links and running?

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