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4 Tips for Brewing Your Own Beer (That Friends and Family Will Love)

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If you have decided to take up brewing your own beer, then eventually people are going to want to try it. Whether you are brewing your own beers for a party or are just inviting some friends and family over to try a beer just because, you will want to make sure that the beers your loved ones are tasting are the best.

Here’s what you need to know about brewing your own beer, and if you just follow these tips and tricks, then you will get the best beer for your loved ones! 

  1. Focus On The Flavor

The biggest benefit of smaller craft breweries is that they are focused solely on flavor. Not just normal flavor, but flavors that many people wouldn’t expect to have in their beers. So make sure to look at your recipe and keep the brewing simple. While you can put in a lot of different ingredients, it is often best to pick a few ingredients and let them shine.

Additionally, you should try to get fresh ingredients whenever possible. You need to make sure that your yeast, hops, grains, and other ingredients will be at the freshest possible state when you make the beers.

  1. Make Sure To Keep Things Sterile and Sanitized

You don’t want any of your beer to be infested by bacteria, especially not the beer that you are sharing with your friends and family! Make sure that you are keeping extremely focused on keeping things sterile and sanitized. Clean all of your supplies before you start brewing, sterilize whenever you cool your beer to make sure that bacteria won’t get into the beer, and make sure to cool your wort quickly as well. 

Keeping things sterilized is going to not only keep your beer free from bacteria, but it also can increase both the look and the taste of your beer!

  1. Document Everything You Do

Every single brewer has that one batch of beer. The batch that is the best thing they have ever made, the batch that tastes like nothing you have never seen before, and then they never make it again. Not because they lack the skill or don’t know anything about making good beer, but because they don’t have the recipe and didn’t write down all of those little details that made the beer so good!

So don’t be afraid to keep strict documentation of your beer making and write down every detail. The more that you write down, the easier it will be to remake it!

  1. Use Thiolized Yeast for Amazingly Aromatic Beer

If you like hazy beer, then you need to get an amazingly aromatic beer by using Thiolized Yeast! This yeast is used to create a lot of wonderful beers that use thiols, which are compounds that help to make your beer more aromatic. These thiols are locked behind other flavors, and need to be unlocked. The Thiolized Yeast is able to get these thiols ‘unlocked’ and the result is a wonderful beer!

In order to create a great beer that is going to knock your friends and family’s socks off, you need to create something aromatic, and that means you need to focus on mastering thiolized yeast in brewing, because once you get those chemicals mastered, then the amazing beer will make itself.

Have Fun!

Finally, you are making this beer for your friends and family, so don’t be afraid to have some real fun with the process. Enjoy the process of making your beer, and also enjoy the process of drinking your beer too!