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4 Issues You Can Have With Tech As A Mom

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As a mom in the 21st century, you are bound to come up against your child in a battle regarding technology. ‘Mom why can’t I have a phone, all my friends have them’ is a common argument you can expect to have at some stage in your child’s life. 

However, there can be a lot of issues surrounding technology. You need to be 100% sure your child is ready for it and can handle any problems maturely. You yourself also need to know how to use it in case of any technical difficulties. 

Problems With Operating A Device

You may be a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to operating technology. You are not alone, a lot of older adults are not tech-savvy and rely on the younger generations to show them the ropes and how to navigate around the big wide world of phones and other devices. 

Phone, tablets, and personal computers will quite often need updating to the latest software, without this the phone will stop working. As a mom, you should know how to manually update a device if this doesn’t happen automatically. When a device is ready for an update it will ping to let you know. 

You may for example have a Macbook, these too will need updating. What happens if you can’t update your macOS for any reason. Take a look at guides online to get help with this, as it can happen for several different reasons. 

Monitoring Activity And Why You Need To

As a parent, you must be monitoring your child’s tech activity. This is to ensure they are not visiting any dodgy websites or speaking to any strangers online. There has been a lot of controversy regarding different apps over time, one example of this is the game among us. There is the risk that strangers can communicate with your children when they are using games and apps. To prevent this you need to educate yourself so you can educate your children and stay up to date with the latest news on these games and any dangers that are associated with them. 

With technology comes access to the internet, the internet is full of stuff you do not want your children to see. You need to ensure you have mature sites blocked in case your child accidentally accesses one of them witnessing things that are not age-appropriate. 

Screen time 

It is becoming all too common for parents to use tech as a babysitter. This is not good for your child’s health or their brain so screen time should be limited. Too much screen time can lead to childhood obesity as they are glued to their tech rather than running around outside. It can also lead to becoming alienated from their friends, again because they are not going out socializing. For children aged between 2 and 5, it is recommended they have just one hour of screen time while children older than 5 can have two hours. 

We hope this guide helps you with any tech problems you may be having. Remember whatever your children may be doing to monitor their usage and keep them safe.