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3 Incredible Crafts To Try At Home

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If you find yourself stuck at home because of the current coronavirus situation, it might be time to embark on a crafting journey. It can be all too easy to wallow, sit on the sofa binge-watching box sets, and eating your own weight in candy or chocolate. Don’t scroll through endless Facebook feeds for hours on end, and instead, think about using your time in a more productive way. Think about trying a new craft that will allow you to accomplish projects. By seeing the value of your work and your time, it will keep you motivated when stuck at home for any length of time. In this uncertain age with coronavirus lurking, we need to feel like we are being productive. Read on to find out about three incredible crafts to try at home.


Ok, so it might sound like something your grandma would do in her rocking chair, but knitting and crocheting have become popular crafts for millennials across the globe. With the newest buzz words being sustainable, green and eco-friendly, younger people are more conscious about their carbon footprint and where their clothes have come from. If you want to embark on a crocheting journey, think about heading on to YouTube and check out the many beginner’s guides. They are easy to follow and the craft of crochet can become addictive quickly. If you get into the whole crocheting vibe, why not look at the hand made baskets for yarn storage and pick up some decent equipment to help you become more creative and become more adept at designing your own hats, gloves and accessories?

Paper Craft

If you enjoy a craft that is a little more technical, measured and time-consuming, paper cutting could be for you. With a thick piece of quality white paper, a sharp Stanley knife, a cutting board and some templates, you can create silhouette style paper landscapes that are cut and create beautiful scenes. The repetitive nature and focus required from the craft give paper cutting a meditative like quality. The paper cutting pictures that you create can make wonderful gives come Christmas or for birthdays.


For a craft that takes a detour into something more artistic, painting can be very freeing. You don’t need to be incredible at watercolor or have a fine art degree to enjoy painting. Many people enjoy putting brush to canvas and making marks. Choose your favorite colors, go for an abstract piece of art or even have a go at painting by numbers. You might want to work with larger pieces and go for big canvases. Or perhaps you enjoy working in miniature and love getting into the fine detail of a portrait or a still life. Painting should be enjoyed and can be a great stress reliever. Whip on an old shirt and experiment with acrylics or oils. Most importantly, have fun.

Forget binge watching Netflix and scrolling through Twitter, and instead, do something productive. Try out these incredible three crafts at home and have fun.