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10 Tips for Spring Cleaning the Outside of Your Home

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10 Tips for Spring Cleaning the Outside of Your Home

It’s time to start spring cleaning your home, which comes easy for most. However, spring cleaning the outside of your home can get a little trickier. Check out these tips for spring cleaning the outside of your home.

Create a list that is custom to your specific yard. Having a list that someone else created is great, but make a list of everything that needs completed in your own yard. A simple piece of notebook paper and a pencil and you can make your own list of what needs cleaned, what needs organized, etc.

Don’t forget the leaves. Maybe you left some leaves on the ground this past fall. Now is a great time to get those leaves raked and off the ground. The kids can help with this one and the next task!

Sticks need picked up. If you have a lot of trees in your yard, picking up sticks is a must. It’s hard to do any landscaping as long as you have sticks on the ground. If you have a fire pit, use these sticks for your next fire! We do this all the time and enjoy when a good storm leaves our yard full of sticks and small branches!

Outside windows need washed. This is probably one of the only actual “cleaning” chores that comes with spring cleaning the outside of your home.

Cleaning out the shed is a must for spring cleaning. Is that cluttered shed just staring back at you? Make sure you take the time to clean out the shed to get rid of all the unwanted junk. It’s best to just take everything out, sort and only put back in what you absolutely want in there. The rest can be rehomed or if it’s garbage, to the garbage it goes.

Remove old shrubs from the yard. Nothing looks worse in a nice yard than dead shrubs. Take the time to remove these shrubs and watch your landscaping come to life.

Remove debris and unwanted trash from around the yard. Everyone has some sort of trash or debris on the outside of their home. Take some time to clean up this trash to ensure a beautifully manicured lawn.

Lay down fertilizer to help keep your yard looking fresh. Fertilizer is a must for spring because it helps guarantee your lawn is looking its best.

Plan your landscaping for the summer. Whether you’re planting flowers, trees, shrubs or just want to add something a little extra to your landscaping—start a plan now to help you stay on budget.

Start repairing anything that needs fixed (deck, fence, or gate). Fixing all of the little things in your yard can help make it look amazing. Fixing anything from a hole in a fence to a broken piece of landscaping can take your yard to the top. Grab some paper and a pencil and do a lap around your home and property, taking note of what projects you have to do. This will also help you determine what tools or materials you will need to budget for.

Repaint anything that has chipped this winter. Nothing screams “outdoor” spring cleaning louder than repainting anything that has chipped over the winter.

What’s on your list for spring cleaning the outside of your home?