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Yes, You Can Make Money Playing Games

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 are many live-streaming platforms you can use to earn while you play. The most popular are Twitch and YouTube. You can sign up for these any time, and YouTube is free. However, you need a Twitch subscription to get the most out of it. But getting noticed is the hard part. You also need to stream consistently with no hiccups. So, for example, finding Minecraft Bedrock servers that aren’t subject to abuse are essential for streaming that game uninterrupted.

Run Sponsored Ads while You Stream

The entire web-based economy is centered around advertising. The web is essentially a massive digital billboard. And the great thing is that the money is endless, and advertisers will pay more for a lIt is anyone’s dream to get paid for their hobby. And you, too, can make money playing games as a great side hustle. Like most side hustles, it requires dedication. Here’s how to get started.

Sign Up for a Streaming Platform

Therearger reach. So if you are beginning to amass a good following on Twitch or YouTube, look for sponsors to get into your videos and streams because each platform takes a huge cut of your in-video ads placed by their algorithm. But you get 100% of a sponsored ad.

Make Money Playing Games and Writing About Them

Maybe you don’t like the idea of putting yourself out there with videos and streaming. Also, video creation is quite a skill if you want to stand out. And it can take some time to learn and get done. But maybe you have a knack for writing. If so, you can play games and write about your experiences on your very own blog and monetize it. Or look for game journalism jobs online. Popular gaming sites like IGN and Gamespot offer some money for freelance gaming articles.

Delve into Pay to Play Games

An emerging concept in gaming these days is pay-to-play video games. These are games that pay you directly for playing them. Most of these are mobile apps, but there are several PC games as well. Mistplay is the most popular paid game app. It has tons of games you can choose from and will reward you with real money for trying new games. You can get points for leveling up, which you can redeem for gift cards from popular online merchants like Amazon.

Consider a Podcast About Games

Maybe you can’t be bothered learning to use video editing software. And you just aren’t that good at writing. Then perhaps you can try making a video games podcast if you just can’t stop talking about them. You will have heard of podcasts. And they are growing in popularity. But the great thing about them is that they have much lower competition compared to YouTube videos and blogging. Alternatively, you can supplement your blog and drive more traffic with a podcast.


You can make money playing games in several ways. You can sign up for streaming platforms and play live, you can write about games for blogs, or you can develop a podcast series.